Intermodal side tipper bins for efficient bulk handling rail solutions and short haul road transport : mining, terminals and ports


Specialised Container Agencies (SCA) – suppliers of niche market container products – has developed an intermodal side tipper bin, that provides efficient bulk handling rail solutions, encouraging greater utilisation of rail wagon container haulage.

“SCA’s intermodal tipper bins ensure quick, safe and cost-efficient bulk handling in rail and road applications. What’s notable is this intermodal side tipper bin system increases payload on rail wagons – from 54 metric tons to 60 metric tons. A single tipper bin is able to hold 30 metric tons for road transport,” explains Ken Mouritzen, director, Specialised Container Agencies. “Robust intermodal side tipper bins are easily handled onto container rail wagons and road trucks by a container handler.

“Side tipper bins have been designed for rapid and efficient off-loading of materials from both rail wagons and road trucks, using specially designed hydraulic tipping cylinders.

“An important feature of these intermodal side tipper bins – which are able to be stacked two-high for storage – is they can be used across different modes of transport, including road and rail, without the need for investment in double handling cargo. This system is boosting the utilisation of rail infrastructure, which significantly reduces transport costs, decreases national road congestion and minimises product damage.

“In areas that are not fully serviced by rail, the intermodal side tipper can be loaded onto road transport, for closed loop, short-haul operations. Road vehicles are then used to carry the tipper bin containing bulk material to the railhead. This means cargo can be received at non-rail serviced facilities, for example on mines, terminals and ports.”

For the transporter, benefits of using robust intermodal side tipper bins are lower operating costs, minimal cargo loss and weather-proof tarpaulins ensure product integrity during transport. Advantages also include cost-efficient, easy handling of bulk, improved safety for drivers, vehicles and cargo, as well as reduced insurance premiums.


Road infrastructure benefits include less long haul bulk traffic on national roads, resulting in reduced congestion, greater safety and decreased wear of road surfaces.

SCA provides a technical advisory and support service throughout the African continent.







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