CASE Construction Equipment launches brand new CX 220C LC Heavy Duty excavator in South Africa.

CX 220C LC Heavy Duty excavator

Extra heavy-duty structures produced in-house guarantee high reliability / Reinforced undercarriage for any type of terrain / FPT 6-cylinder, 6.- litre engine provides all the power needed with excellent fuel economy / Components have been rigorously tested to CNH Industrial standards.

CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial, has launched the long-awaited CX 220C LC Heavy Duty excavator in South Africa, strengthening its offering for the local market. The latest addition to the CASE excavator line up, manufactured at the company’s plant in India, Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh),  is designed for tough applications such as quarrying, forestry, road works and earthworks, as well as general construction jobs.

Graham Forte, Divisional Managing Director of CASE Construction Equipment South Africa, said: “CASE serves its customers across South Africa with a well-positioned network of branches, dealers and sub dealers. Our dealers are able to advise the customer on the best solution for their operation and their business. Their aftermarket services provide the backup needed to keep these valuable assets fully utilised. At CASE we understand that the purchase process is only the start of the relationship. The real growth and strengthening of that relationship comes from being able to service our customer’s machine in time and have excellent parts availability when needed. For the CASE aftermarket services team, when a customer’s machine goes down, the stopwatch starts.”

A powerful, fuel efficient performance

This 22-ton excavator is powered by a fuel efficient FPT engine, designed to boost machine performance and optimise fuel economy by up to 10%. The 6-cylinder FPT engine delivers outstanding power and torque, which reduces the transient time, making the hydraulic system immediately reactive to any load.
The operator can monitor the machine’s fuel consumption with the new ECO gauge function, which displays energy saving levels in real-time.

CASE advanced energy management consists of 5 Energy Saving Controls;

  • Automatic Economy control (AEC) improves fuel efficiency by dropping engine rpm when the joystick is in neutral position.
  • Boom Economy Control (BEC) increases fuel efficiency in boom lowering/swinging operations.
  • Swing Relief Control (SWC) optimizes hydraulic power distribution in slewing operations to deliver the most efficient flow and pressure.
  • Spool Stroke Control (SSC) ensures pressure and flow control during digging and leveling operations
  • Idle functions
    • Auto Idle lowers engine rpm after 5 seconds of joystick inactivity.
    • Idle Shutdown shuts the engine down after a pre-set time.
    • Regenerative hydraulic circuit for boom, arm & bucket operations for better productivity.

The CX 220C LC Heavy Duty excavator is equipped with a 7-inch LCD colour monitor for parameter monitoring and setting, and a telematics system for real time updates. Technology within the machine also lets operators store up to 10 auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure settings to allow easy switching between different attachments.

Accurate, robust and simple design for increased efficiency and versatility.

The excavator has a higher breakout force due to a 1.9 dipper arm which enables continuous operations and an up to 10% higher digging capability. Three Work modes and auto power boost ensure faster work cycles and more efficiency on site.

The CX220C LC Heavy Duty offers 3 power modes to match any customer’s need:

  • Auto: for normal digging, grading, lifting and precision work. Power Boost always engaged.
  • Heavy: for heavy operations always granting the best balance between productivity and fuel economy. Power Boost automatically engaged.
  • Super Power: extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity. Power Boost automatically engaged.

Superior comfort and safety for long workdays

The model’s HVAC-equipped newly designed spacious cabin with no noise and vibration also has an adjustable ergonomic seat for operator comfort and a new vibration dampening system to help prevent body fatigue.
The superior wide and spacious cab offers ample legroom and a more secure and safe working environment. An ergonomically designed seat with 8 different adjustments enhances operator comfort and productivity. An openable roof window provides better visibility.
The fully adjustable right-hand console includes advanced engine throttle control which determines working mode selection. The console is equipped with high luminosity switches to ensure that the graphics are clear and easily readable in bright sunlight.

New undercarriage structure designed to last.

The CX 220C LC Heavy Duty excavator offers a robust design with increased plate thickness on HD structures which improves durability. The long undercarriage offers increased stability on the toughest terrain.
A sloped lower frame reduces the time needed to clean the undercarriage. A recoil spring increases stroke for better cushion performance. Track guards ensure that the chain is kept on the rollers in any condition.

High precision and controllability.

The proven CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) delivers impressive machine control with unrivalled energy and fuel savings in all cycle time phases.
Two variable displacement axial piston pumps with a regulating system are combined with the CASE main valve for fine, precise and efficient operations.
The Hydraulic system is governed by a Machine Control Unit which collects input from pressure sensors located on the pumps, main valve and pilot lines.

CASE Construction continuously evolves its product offering to meet changing customer requirements and standards.

Since 1842, CASE Construction Equipment has stood by its unwavering commitment to build practical, intuitive solutions that deliver both efficiency and productivity. CASE continually strives to make it easier for its customers to implement emerging technologies and new compliance mandates.
Today, the brand’s global scale combined with its local expertise enables the company to keep the customers’ real-world challenges at the centre of its product development. The CASE dealer network is always ready to support and protect its customers’ investment and exceed expectations, while also providing customers with the ultimate ownership experience. The company’s goal is to build both stronger machines—and stronger communities. At the end of the day, the brand aims to do what’s right for its customers and communities so that they can rely on CASE


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