Becker Mining South Africa’s steel arch roof support systems provide dependable tunnel support and safe working conditions

 Becker Mining South Africa – steel arch roof support systems 


Becker Mining South Africa’s locally manufactured steel arch roof support systems – which can be integrated with other support elements – provide reliable tunnel support and safe working conditions in mining, as well as underground civil engineering projects – where unstable ground conditions exist.

This robust steel arch roof support system, which is suitable for highly fractured rock in tunnels, roadways and underground chambers, plays a critical role in tunnel rehabilitation, void filling and portal consolidation.

“Becker Mining’s steel arch supports have a high load carrying capacity and dependable yielding of segments, for enhanced safety and extended service life, even in poor underground conditions,” explains Tom Searle, Senior General Manager: Mechanical Capital Sales, Becker Mining South Africa. “Due to the adaptability of this system, which can be custom-designed and formed for specific requirements, these high strength steel arch roof supports are suitable for any rock or soil types in any shape of excavation.

“This steel arch system provides stable roof support and a safe working environment during the clean up of a roof fall, or before and during seismic movements. This system also provides permanent support to portal entrances and maintains critical areas of a mine or tunnel where roof bolting is not sufficient.”

Local applications for Becker Mining’s steel arch roof support systems include gold and platinum mines, as well as underground civil engineering projects, like the Gautrain. These steel arch systems are also exported to Australasian and African mines, with Zambia being a key user.

In mining sector, these steel arch support roof systems are used various tunnel applications, including haulages, incline shaft portals and special shafts.

The engineered TH29 steel arch profile, with balanced static values, ensure long term stand-up support solutions for friable ground conditions and where pressures are uncertain.

Becker Mining South Africa’s arch sets also include clamps and steel lagging plates and ancillary equipment, for secure installation and optimum performance and safety in arduous conditions. Lagging plates recommended for use in friable ground conditions, are folded and seamed to each other by bolts.

Arch profiles are formed locally at the company’s production plant in Johannesburg. A large stock-holding enables quick and efficient manufacture and delivery.

Becker Mining South Africa provides a technical advisory and support service, as well as specialised training for correct assembly and ease of installation of this system. In some applications, these steel arch roof supports are reclaimable and reusable.


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