Mining Companies Have A Lot To Benefit From A Fuel Management Solution


Fuel accounts to about 3% – 10% of a mine’s total operating expenditures and in some cases exceeding the cost of electrical power for the overall cost of the mining operation, this is according to Fabio Miellie and Shaikh Badiujzama from Schneider Electric

The big challenges around fuel is quantifying the precise level of fuel consumption, gaining visibility of fuel, mismanagement of fuel and reconciling between fuel slips and the fuel usage. The time is more important than ever before for the mining sector in Zambia to make use of fuel management systems to effectively manage the way fuel is used.  This also ensures that the inventories around fuel are managed properly so that the machinery do not run out of fuel and that the cost of fuel is managed properly and aligned with the monthly budget.

A Fuel Management system is designed to use various methods and technologies to manage fuel purchases and consumption per asset. This information assists management to make informed business decisions and serves as a key component to ensuring the effective running of machinery.

Globaltrack’s Fuel Management Solution is designed with the mining industry in mind, offering features such as tracking engine hours, fuel usage, tipper on/off alerts and driver ID’s to track individual’s operating hours. At Globaltrack we believe in a partnership; providing tracking and fuel management solutions suited to our clients’ business model and working together to consistently reach their KPI’s. Our cross-border tracking solution for mining and construction makes it ideal for mining companies operating in quarry areas. If GPRS signal is out of reach, it switches over to Satellite using Iridium, making it a cost-effective and accurate solution in terms of tracking operating hours.

We recently added the fuel reconciliation and fuel dashboard feature to existing clients’ fuel solution package, at no extra cost. This allows clients to reconcile the fuel slips with our fuel probe readings. Simply import the information from an excel spreadsheet into Webtrack and the fuel data will be reconciled.  The fuel reconciliation’s feature saves time to maintaining accurate fuel data. Our fuel dashboard allows fleet managers to make informed decisions about the fuel expenditures and to use one system to maintain accurate data.

With our Fuel Management Solution, we can offer mining companies an integrated solution to managing their fuel for the effective running of machinery.  Our Fuel Management Solution is extended to generators.  Across Africa there has been an increased usage of generators as electricity is in short supply. Most business firms must provide their own generators among other infrastructural requirements. Power remains a high business expense and in markets like Nigeria, mega size generators are a common sight. The major operational cost for a generator is fuel and it is important to monitor this resource. Globaltrack’s solution for generators provides businesses with information on refilling levels as well as detecting possible fuel theft.

With Globaltrack’s Generator Solution you will be able to see the actual amount of fuel used per hour, schedule maintenance services and set up event management notifications. Our Generator Solution is designed to save cost, offer peace of mind and increase the operational efficiency of businesses.

For more information about our Fuel Management Solution visit our website or contact us on +2711 262 6545.

Miellie, F. and Badiujzama, S. of Schneider Electric, USA, outline ways to address mine fuel management challenges with smart technologies. Retrieved from World Coal magazine September 2015




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