Zambia to invest $6 million to establish Mining Technology hub to increase mineral production

Felix Mutati Zambia's minister of science and technology (002)

Zambia has said it is investing $6 million to establish a mining technology (MinTech) hub to enhance mineral production with a focus on sustainability, productivity, and safety in mining activities.

According to Felix Mutati, Zambia’s minister of science and technology, the facility will act as an innovation and collaboration hub for the mining sector.

“We are planning that the hub will additionally provide training and capacity-building initiatives to promote the uptake of new technologies and methodologies,” said Mutati.

He further stated that establishing a MinTech cluster aligned with the government’s objective of promoting value addition.

“We are significant producers of various minerals, particularly copper,” he declared during the recently concluded Timbuktoo Retreat Strategy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mutati emphasized that it has long been government policy to enhance the value of Zambia’s mining output.

The minister affirmed that the government aimed to leverage this value addition for the manufacturing of electric car batteries, a venture necessitating technology and research.

“Therefore, the establishment of the MinTech hub will generate solutions within the mining sector, fostering productivity and enabling the country to fully capitalize on its abundant mineral resources,” he affirmed.

Funding for the hub will be provided by the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

Ahunna Eziakonwa, UNDP Africa Director, expressed that the organization would collaborate with partners to attract investment for the construction and necessary equipment of the hub.

“We will provide substantial technical expertise and contribute equipment. We anticipate active involvement from the private sector, especially those in mining, as this initiative will greatly benefit them,” she further elaborated.


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