DR Congo partners with European Union to enhance mineral traceability


The Democratic Republic of Congo has partnered with the European Union to enhance its mineral traceability after the African nation accused Rwanda of plundering its mineral wealth, particularly from mines in the war-torn eastern region.

Early this year, Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi criticised a supply deal the block had entered with Rwanda terming it as “provocative” further straining relations.

Nevertheless, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, the EU envoy to Kinshasa, admitted deficiencies in communication and a failure to adequately consider the perspective of the DRC.

He stressed the EU’s dedication to collaborating with the DRC to guarantee that the traceability agreement yields advantages for them.

He underscored an already established strategic alliance centered on transparency within the mineral supply chain.

Given that the DRC is a significant provider of essential minerals for electronics, such as cobalt and coltan, the EU depends on these resources, making ethical sourcing a paramount concern.

Nevertheless, maneuvering through the intricate political terrain of the region and addressing the DRC’s apprehensions pose ongoing challenges for the EU.


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