The model AD aeration pad by Conveyor Components Company


The model AD aeration pad by Conveyor Components Company is an excellent choice for aerating a variety of dry, bulk materials in order to promote flow.  The aeration pad is available in the standard zinc plated steel body, as well as optional stainless steel bodies and mesh.  The heavy-duty construction features internal stiffeners to prevent crushing of the air compartment and provides long life of the aerator.  Installation is relatively quick and simple.  Minimal air pressure (6.5 CFM at 3 PSI) is required to adequately fluidize most dry bulk materials.

The model AD is available for material temperatures up to 600 degrees ºF using the model AD-F and AD-SSF.  External bin mounting options are also available using the optional model AD-K external mounting kit.  The model AD provides exceptional aeration and minimal maintenance at reasonable prices.

If you would like additional information on this or other products that Conveyor Components Company offers please contact their sales department toll free 800-233-3233, fax 810-679-4510, e-mail or visit their website at


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