Pratley to continue to focus on innovation and exports in 2020

The facility in Krugersdorp Johannesburg,South Africa where Pratley manufactures and tests its world-class product range_

The facility in Krugersdorp Johannesburg South Africa where Pratley manufactures and tests its world-class product range

After successfully launching a range of new products this year, Pratley will embark on the second phase of its innovation strategy in 2020, CEO Kim Pratley reveals. “A lot of the development work we have undertaken has come to fruition now. Hence we are looking to launch quite a few new products in the New Year, while the next phase of our product development will probably commence mid-year.”

Pratley has successfully targeted a range of niche market segments, which has aided it in maintaining its growth trajectory in a difficult economic climate. Hence a major focus for 2020 will be targeting exports, both in Africa and worldwide. “At the moment a lot of what we are working on is aimed at the export market. We are also looking to enter entirely new markets unrelated to our current business.”

Pratliperl® is a lightweight, thermally-insulating and fireproof aggregate ideal for a range of applications, including thermally insulating plasters, screeds, pizza oven liners, bricks, boards and much more. It is best described as a modern solution for energy-efficient building.

Grolite® is a unique, naturally-occurring processed mineral used extensively as a horticultural growing medium to promote increased fertiliser efficiency, together with effective water drainage and optimal soil aeration.

Gunge Spunge® is a spillage clean-up powder used for oil spills and other hydrocarbons found commonly at petrol service stations, workshops, and airports. It is also ideal for marine oil-spill clean-up operations, and for use at animal feedlots, poultry coops, and septic tank and sewer overflow clean-up operations.

Pratley’s diversification strategy has allowed it to successfully weather the ongoing downturn, with industry and mining showing the biggest decline. While this has had an impact on Pratley’s range of electrical products, for example, its focus on innovation and ongoing product development has resulted in other opportunities.

A major challenge on the adhesives side is the influx of cheap low-quality imports from the Far East and India, but here Pratley’s well-known quality assurance has resulted in a lot of goodwill for the brand. Its high-level testing laboratories continues to ensure it can back-up its claim that its products can outperform any comparable products globally. The minerals-based side of the business continues to show major growth, especially as zeolite is the basis of many new products.


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