The DRC marks its presence at the Mining Indaba Forum


This year’s 30th edition has the theme: “Embracing the power of positive disruption: a bold new future for African mining”. Led by His Excellency the Prime Minister

Lukonde Sama who will deliver his opening remarks on February 5, the Congolese delegation is essentially made up of sectoral Ministers and managers of public companies involved in the national economy. The day before the official launch of this major event, this Sunday, February 4, a ministerial symposium was held. Her Excellency the Minister of Mines, was present alongside more than 70 Ministers of Mines from several countries and heads of international mining companies to participate in discussions which will focus on the challenges and evolution of the global mining sector. This closed-door meeting aims to bring together decision-makers with the aim of strengthening public-private cooperation and promoting the highest level of development planning through open and free discussions.
It should be noted that the opening speech of Prime Minister Sama Lukonde is expected to highlight the main investment opportunities in the Congolese mining sector and the latest news concerning the partnership between the DRC and Zambia aimed at facilitating the development of lithium batteries. As usual, the Mining Indaba will offer networking opportunities, discussions, informative and interactive sessions. The DRC will take this opportunity to welcome participants to this major annual meeting in its prestigious stand in order to highlight its leading role in the African mining sector thanks to its impressive mining potential.


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