Mukuru partners with Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to donate much needed aid in support of cholera outbreak efforts in Zambia

As Zambia battles one of its worst cholera outbreaks in decades, financial services powerhouse Mukuru, which serves Africa’s emerging consumer, donates ZK70,000 in supplies to aid relief efforts as the disease sweeps the country

Mukuru Country Manager, Ken Mbewe, hands over ZK70,000 in supplies to aid relief efforts as cholera sweeps the country

Mukuru , Africa’s leading financial services platform, has partnered with the Zambia Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) under the Ministry of Health, to bring much-needed aid as 62 districts across the country battle the outbreak of cholera that has placed its vaccination rollout under pressure as stocks face increased demand.

Mukuru Country Manager, Ken Mbewe, says, “I am pleased to report that we successfully carried out the donation on the morning of 5 February, at the Lusaka District Health Office, following the ministry’s guidance in the ongoing fight against cholera. The donated items will be distributed to various treatment centres by the health office.”

The donation included: hand washing soap, disinfectant, hand sanitisers, baby diapers, chlorine, protective sanitary gloves, and ORS packs to rebalance fluids in the body.

Mbewe says, “The dedicated medical support teams on the ground are making commendable efforts, deserving support from all quarters. I shared gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and commitment to improve the situation. We at Mukuru have felt compelled to partner with them in support of their efforts to improve health in our communities, and we are aware that the situation is expected to worsen again with the rains expected at the end of this week.”

Mukuru operations have also been impacted by the cholera outbreak with nine of its booth locations across different city councils and a container branch in Kitwe temporarily closed according to the guidelines of the relevant councils until conditions improve.

“It is our duty,” Mbewe says, “as an organisation that is strongly entrenched in the Zambian community, to serve the community when in need.”

Mukuru would like to remind its customers and the wider community to take the following steps to minimise the spread of the disease:

  • Make use of the Oral Rehydration Points being set up within communities – their location has been circulated by the Ministry of Health through the Lusaka District Health Office.
  • Always wash your hands with soap and clean water before, during and after preparing food.
  • Use only bottled or boiled water to drink, wash and prepare food.
  • Pay particular attention to washing hands thoroughly with soap and clean water after using the toilet or changing a baby’s nappy.

Please remember, that if you experience symptoms such as diarrhoea or vomiting, seek medical attention at your nearest health care facility immediately.


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