Power generation remains the dominant market segment for Cummins in the Middle East

Robust fully integrated power systems are critical for the global economy

From dense urban areas to remote locations, communities and operations of every application and industry rely on robust, flexible and fully integrated power systems on demand or full-time, especially in a global economy where the power is required 24/7.

Cummins’ power system products include diesel and gas-powered gensets ranging from 15kVA to 3750kVA, alternators, diesel engines from 49hp to 5500hp, generator-drive engines, battery storage systems and integrated power systems that combine gensets, paralleling controls and switchgear technologies, all connected to industry-leading digital solutions for complete power system control.

All aspects of genset design, manufacturing and service is available through Cummins, explains Waleed Elagab, Parts Territory Manager, Cummins Africa Middle East. A particular strength of Cummins is that it manufactures and builds all of the major components for its products, from the engines to the alternators, control systems and containers, allowing for a totally integrated approach to meet customers’ requirements.

Power generation is the dominant market for Cummins in the MENA region, constituting about 85% to 90% of its total business, reveals Elagab. A member of the global parts marketing team, Elagab ensures that all MENA distributors are on-board with the company strategy and are either meeting or exceeding targets. “My main responsibility is to grow the aftermarket business. I support distributors in terms of all of their requirements, from supply chain issues to finance.”

Elagab also supports Cummins Saudi Arabia, which not only has the biggest population and area in the region, but where the dominant market segment is rental. “Saudi Arabia has various mega projects on the go where it is more cost-effective to assign a company like Cummins to handle the power requirements until the full electricity grid is up and running. The rental segment is an important market because it requires continuous operation and therefore efficient parts availability, as units here accumulate hours quickly and the turnaround time is rapid.”

While a lot of projects were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Elagab highlights that the aftermarket business for the power generation market is bouncing back. “Luckily for our customers, the market so far this year has been very strong. This has had a multiplier effect and resulted in us continuing to prioritising our support focus, whereby we maintain close contact with our supply chain team to ensure quick and effective parts availability.”

Cummins supports its Power Generation products with an extensive range of both Genuine Cummins New and Recon components. “It is important that we offer a clear value proposition to our customers,” stresses Elagab. This is largely based on understanding the requirements of key customers in specific markets such as power generation, where Cummins has forged longstanding relationships with major players in the region.

Elagab is confident about future growth, pointing to major events happening in the region such as the Dubai Expo 2021 in October and the FIFA Soccer World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Another key focus for Cummins in the area is the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. “This is a particularly big religious event that takes up a lot of resources. It falls more on the short-term rental side, with different sized options, and is an excellent example of the impact that Cummins continues to make on the quality of life for people in the region.”

Whether customers need continuous, prime, peaking or standby power, cogeneration or a complete turnkey power plant, Cummins has a full suite of solutions up to 3000kW (3750kVA). It offers a full range of gensets designed for a range of applications and industries, including commercial industrial, residential, light commercial, mobile, marine, rental, high horsepower and Data Centre Continuous (DCC) rated.

Cummins also offers a wide variety of power generation controls providing global and regional views, the capability to manage multiple sites, 24/7 monitoring, reporting and analytics and on-the-go access to Cummins gensets. This includes genset controls, digital master controls, remote monitoring controls and automatic transfer switches.


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