Orica expands digital capability with underground blast performance technology

BlastIQ™ Underground is an innovative solution that provides improved underground drill and blast productivity for superior blast outcomes

Orica has announced the release of its latest BlastIQ™ Underground technology which improves underground blasting performance with integrated digital solutions.

Developed by Orica Digital Solutions BlastIQ™ Underground provides quality control and improved drill and blast productivity for superior blast outcomes. Enabling underground operations to efficiently manage their blasting process, from planning to post-blast analysis, with user-friendly reporting, analytics, and information management.

The innovative and integrated suite of technologies improves blast productivity with the digital communication of blast designs, including the re-application of charging designs in response to hole locations. The digital collection and management of drilling data empower engineers to identify opportunities for continuous improvement of drilling and charging operations.

Orica Vice President Digital Solutions Rajkumar Mathiravedu said “Orica is continually growing its digital offerings for customers to align with the swift digital transformation across the industry”.

Comparison of CMS scans to as-measured drillholes in BlastIQ™ Underground

“Our software ensures that every blast is executed precisely, and the desired outcomes are achieved. This level of accuracy translates into significant cost savings and improved resource utilisation for our customers. To better cater to our customers, we are amassing a digital technology portfolio that complements our core blasting technologies such as 4D Underground, WebGen, and Avatel”.

BlastIQ™ Underground enables customers to streamline their workflows, reduce operational costs, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

“We are shaping the future of underground mining and our digital solutions are a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, safety, productivity and sustainability,” concludes Mr Mathiravedu.

The increasing demand for critical minerals presents significant challenges to the mining industry in gaining access to orebodies. Where data and insights are key, BlastIQ™ Underground offers extensive data analytics capabilities and provides valuable insights into performance metrics and blast outcomes. BlastIQ™ Underground can also help reduce the environmental footprint of mining operations. The software’s precision drilling and blasting capabilities minimises ground vibrations, air overpressure and environmental impact of blasting activities.

To learn more about BlastIQ™ Underground visit: www.orica.com/blastiqunderground 


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