Acknowledging Junior Miners’ Sustainable Initiatives

This initiative provides a platform for juniors to share their initiatives in order to be recognised for their excellent achievements while inspiring peers to do the same


Mining Indaba understands how important ESG is to the mining industry, two years ago we introduced the Junior ESG Awards to recognise and honour junior mining companies that are striving to achieve positive impacts related to their companies’ sustainable development. This initiative provides a platform for juniors to share their initiatives in order to be recognised for their excellent achievements while inspiring peers to do the same.

Rebranded the Responsible Resourcing Awards, Mining Indaba will continue to honour junior mining companies for their sustainable development initiatives. These awards promote a more ethical and sustainable future in and for the industry and the greater economies they have a presence in. Previous recipients have been recognised for initiatives including reducing carbon emissions, improving access to clean water, and promoting sustainable economic development in their regions. Their innovation and dedication contribute to a more sustainable future.

Junior miners are transforming responsible mining by preserving the environment, supporting local communities, and promoting sustainable, ethical practices in the industry through their innovative approach.

The Responsible Resourcing Awards cover a variety of aspects of sustainable mining including:

  • Climate

For its innovative and revolutionary climate-change initiatives, such as green power solutions, nature-based solutions, and re-designing mining infrastructure to address environmental, social, and economic issues.

  • Water

A company is recognised for improving clean water access, introducing innovative solutions for pollution prevention, and responsibly managing water usage in projects and asset operations.

  • Economy

A company promoting sustainable economic development in local communities, focusing on vulnerable groups, reducing dependency on mining, and promoting the green economy.

  • Circularity

A company is recognised for integrating circular processes into its operations, at any stage of the mining life cycle, and/or into the local economy.

  • Transparency

A company is recognised for its exceptional transparency practices and efforts to enhance accountability mechanisms, thereby promoting business integrity and good governance.

  • Nature

A company is focusing on innovative strategies to protect, preserve, and restore ecosystems and species, with a particular interest in collaborative and landscape-level projects.

  • Community Engagement

A company is enhancing local institutions and empowering people to assert their human rights through innovative initiatives and community engagement in decision-making processes.

  • Labour

A company that excels in employment practices, including labour rights respect, equal opportunities, fair treatment, professional development, health and safety culture, and worker voice recognition.

  • Diversity, equality, and inclusion

A company is recognised for successfully implementing a diversity, equality, and inclusion strategy, demonstrating improved representation against bias and discrimination, and overcoming discrimination at all organisational levels.

The judging process for the Responsible Resourcing Awards involves a carefully selected expert panel of ESG advisors, managers, and analysts. The criteria will include factors such as the level of commitment to sustainability, innovative approaches to environmental responsibility, social impact, and ethical practices. The judges will prioritise entries that demonstrate tangible and measurable results, as well as a clear vision, robust execution, and a lasting commitment to building a more sustainable and responsible future.

The deadline for submissions is January 2024.

Submit your entry here:


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