NRG™, a leader and pioneer in the airborne geophysics industry, where African resilience meets global sophistication.


New Resolution Geophysics (NRG™) is a South African based airborne geophysical contractor with offices in Cape Town, Pretoria, Perth and the USA. With an extensive track record, NRG began its operations in 2005 and have grown to be the largest operator in Africa having safely completed in excess of 6,500,000 line-kms of data and 500,000 line kilometres in Zambia alone.

NRG’s fleet currently stands at a total of 10 helicopters and 5 fixed wing aircraft. The fleet are all company owned, dedicated survey aircraft and have been demagnetized and specially configured for high accuracy resolution survey, have full time survey crews, permanent geophysical installations and are available globally for survey.

NRG’s specialised services include high-resolution helicopter magnetics & radiometrics (Xplorer™), fixed-wing magnetics & radiometrics (Xact™), fixed-wing gravity & magnetics (Xtract™ & NxT™), and state-of-the-art helicopter time-domain electromagnetics (Xcite™). Our focus on innovation allows us to continuously evolve and offer superior services to our clients, ensuring groundbreaking results in mineral exploration and geoscience mapping.

Xcite™ – helicopter time domain electromagnetics

Xcite™, when compared to all other AEM technologies available on the market today, is uniquely qualified and unparalleled in its abilities.  It is the only system that offers early time (near surface) resolution due to its very fast transmitter pulse turn-off speed, coupled with late time (deep penetrating) performance in a single pulse waveform.  The streaming data provides an along line resolution of ~0.5m with uninterrupted ‘soundings’ from near surface to >300m depth of investigation.  No other AEM system can offer this level of resolution laterally and vertically.

The system has been continually updated and improved throughout the years with the latest update being a patented receiver suspension system. The improved suspension of the Xcite™ system resulted in a 2-to-10-fold decrease in noise levels, dependent on which base frequency is selected. A patented inflatable bird has been developed as a carrier for the system. The transmitter loop diameter is 20 metres resulting in a programmable output power of up to 300,000 NIA.

Xplorer™ – helicopter horizontal gradient magnetics and radiometrics

XPlorer™ gradiometer systems utilise dedicated low-noise aircraft, non-magnetic composite horizontal-boom mountings, high speed synchronous data sampling and gradient sensor configurations.

The low survey height achievable with the helicopter results in high frequency content:

  • More structural and textural information
  • Better gradient enhancement
  • Improved anomaly definition

Gradient enhanced products improve:

  • Spatial positioning of anomalies
  • Resolution of line parallel features
  • Overall resolution – equivalent to flying at tighter line spacing

Xact™ – Fixed-wing magnetics & radiometrics

The Xact™ fixed wing horizontal gradient and radiometric system is the most cost-effective means of acquiring high resolution geophysical data for the successful mapping of subtle geological features.

At the heart of the Xact™ system is the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter STOL aircraft. Renowned for its safety and ability to fly slowly, this aircraft is the ideal platform for high resolution airborne surveys. The aircraft has unrivaled STOL performance which allows survey in even the most remote environments. This coupled with a very low stall speed results in excellent drape characteristics.

Xtract™ – Fixed wing gravity and magnetics

At the heart of the patented Xtract™ gravity system is a GT2A total field gravimeter. The system has been employed in both military and civilian applications and includes extensive use in airborne geophysics as an airborne gravimeter.

The standard GT2A does however suffer from short-term, temperature related drift. This is not ideal when mapping large, long-wavelength sedimentary basins. NRG™ has developed the Xtract™ system which incorporates a patented thermal control system for the unit. This reduces the random drift present in standard GT2A systems significantly. The residual drift in the patented Xtract™ system is greatly reduced and linear.  This results in previously unobtainable crossover results, which translates to exceptional accuracy and repeatability of the final product.

NxT™ – NxT generation airborne gravimeter

Introduced in 2021, NRG’s patented split ring laser gyro, airborne gravimeter NxT™ system has since flown multiple successful commercial surveys. The processed gravity data is of a high standard and compares extremely favourably to existing ground gravity data. The processed results indicate that it is possible to collect helicopter and fixed wing sub mGal gravity data simultaneously with low level magnetic radiometric and electromagnetic data, without degrading the terrain following profile of the aircraft, resulting in the collection of high resolution magnetic and radiometric data as well as good quality total field gravity data – A world’s first!


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