NASENI, NMDC partner to resuscitate mining sector in Nigeria


The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) and the National Metallurgical Development Centre (NMDC) located in Jos, Plateau State have partnered to work on resuscitating the mining sector in Nigeria.

The two have joined hands to work towards exploring value addition in the mineral and metals subsector, with hopes of achieving this through Research and Development (R&D’s) of the abundant local raw materials found in the country’s soil.

Olusegun Ayeoyenikan, Deputy Director, Information at NASENI said the deal will see them fabricating  fabricate the machines and all needed capital goods and equipment by NMDC while the centre on its part will continue to carry out the required research and development into discovery of more of the Nigeria potential mineral and metals deposits in the country which are the very critical foundational possessions which Nigeria must have before dreaming of our own peculiar type of industrialization or industrial economy.

NMDC is the Federal Government Centre with the mandate and responsibility to undertake, through laboratory research and tests, mineralogical appraisal, examination and evaluation of mineral deposits and endowments in the country and to carry out samples for the purpose of ascertaining the minerals spaces contained in Nigeria soil.

Diversification agenda

Other functions of the NMDC include carrying out applied research and also to develop both conventional and refractory products, using mineral raw materials, and to improve the performance of the processes used in metallurgical and allied industries through the applications of scientific knowledge to the solutions of problems related to steel production, fabrication and utilization.

Speaking on the collaboration in a meeting, the executive vice chairman/chief executive of NASENI, Prof. Mohammed Sani, said “We cannot industrialise our economy without paying attention to the conversion of the nation’s minerals both solid and soft, into viable uses.”

“Nigeria’s economic diversification efforts would not give the nation the desired socio-economic targets or depths in creating jobs or wealth and to tackle social vices associated with unemployment, if the strategies do not take into accounts the conversion of the natural resources and minerals into finished products thereby creating the windows for the manufacturing sector to add values to the economy,” he further stated.

Both organizations would commit themselves to the economic diversification agenda of the Federal government by ensuring that Iron and steel, minerals and metals subsector of the economy are explored to the benefits of the citizens thereby redirecting people’s minds from oil.

On their part, the director general/Chief Executive of NMDC Prof.Linus O.Asuquo noted that NASENI’s capability to transform NMDC’s outcomes through engineering and industrial uses will no doubt bring about rapid industrialisation capable of addressing unemployment, poverty and safe foreign exchange for Nigeria.


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