Making greatness: sometimes to fit in you need to stand out


Bastia in Corse – a marvellous citadel that is undergoing two projects signed by the municipality. With the ambition to ‘’reconnect’’ the city, open it onto the sea and promote travel for pedestrians, cyclist and people with reduced mobility.

The construction of the Aldilonda, on the southern quay of Bastia’s old port, a 450-meter-long bridge around the citadel and of the Mantinum, a breath-taking sea view green theatre and the elevator to connect the lower and upper parts of the city.

Since spring, an MB Crusher drum cutter MB-R500 has been working in creating the Aldilonda walkway. A road that goes around the citadels’ ramparts on the seafront. A complex and unique site, full of technical constraints, but the MB-R500 was chosen as able to overcome all of them. With its compact size it was mounted on a Bobcat E85; it is the smallest model of the MB’s line of drum cutters but extremely versatile as it can be fully accessorized: dust suppressor, drum cover, cutting depth adjustment are few of the accessories that can be added in order to customize the unit to the specifics of any job site.

Access to work on the Aldilonda it is a constraint, it is an out of the ordinary site, made even more complicated by the sea cliff and the patrimonial importance. Referred in several occasions as ‘’acrobatic work’’ by the on-site traders. Moreover, the rocks under the citadel are not homogeneous and for all the 450 meters operators don’t know what they will encounter, to cope with it reliable equipment is necessary.

It is one of those times where to fit in, you need to stand out.

In fact, the MB Crusher drum cutter performance is exceeding all expectation, with a whopping 3 linear meter daily, the project is well underway.

Grinding away the rocks going around the ramparts of the citadel, the location does not represent any complication for the MB-R500. Indeed the access is small and very complicated but as the excavator entered the drum cutter attached began to make the path.

Compact, stable and reliable the MB-R500 is shaping the footbridge scheduled to be opened the first quarter of 2020.



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