Keep your core samples safe with Core trays


For mining operations to remain compliant with these record-keeping requirements, the Core Trays that hold these core samples need to not only survive for that period of time, but be able to preserve the integrity of their payload over an extended timespan – often while contending with harsh conditions.

Besides being indispensable for the storage and transport of core samples, Core Trays have the important task of protecting core samples at mining and exploration sites throughout the lifetime of operations. However, they can only continue to fulfil this role if they maintain their own structural integrity.

With the legal and code requirements mandating that core samples need to be kept for an extended amount of time, it’s essential that your team are using Core Trays that can last.

Core Trays that resist the elements

The major challenge your Core Trays will come up against is the direct impact of the typical conditions and harsh weather experienced at a mining site. The strength and structural integrity of your Core Trays play a very important role in saving serious resources over the long term, including funds, labour and time.

Geo-Explore Store (Pty) LTD

Geo-Explore Store (Pty) LTD has been supplying the African geological and exploration market with a broad range of products for over 11 years now.

Our focus is on product suitability and price, along with service excellence. With a Geologist at the helm, who has been in this retail business for 25 years, we are also able to offer technical back up, experience and advice.

Part of our product basket is a range of core storage products from core trays through core run markers, marking pens , core tray racks, logging tables, photography frames , core splitters, core transport trolleys to name a few.

Our core tray range features both steel and plastic core trays. Both lines are made at the factory in Johannesburg.

Steel Core trays.

Steel core trays are made of ZincAlume steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Core trays feature an interlocking design ensuring neat and safe stacking of core. Core trays have carry handles, drainage holes, V shaped channels to hold core securely in place and are all the same width so different core diameter trays can be stacked together.

Steel trays are also offered in a knock down format to save on space, and thus transport costs, as an option. Assembly is undertaken on site using a drill and rivet gun (rivets and directions supplied).

Steel trays are also available in 1.5m option, more for the local SA market we find.

Steel core trays are available in core diameters BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ as well as some custom trays for larger core diameters. We also have the flexibility to custom design a size / length/width tray to suite your needs on request.

We also offer core carry boxes ideal for bringing core out from underground or for carrying core around, as well as core trays lids with foam inserts on request.

Plastic Core trays.

The plastic core trays are only available in 1m, and are also all the same width between different core size trays. Plastic trays have carry handles, drainage holes, metre marks on the inter channel ridge, have a START marked on one corner so all trays are oriented correctly, and are made of UV stable plastic in black as standard. Optional colours on request.

Plastic core trays also have an interlocking design to ensure neat and safe stacks. An addition to this is that for transport, the trays are alternated end to end and they then nestle, again to lessen space to minimize on freight costs. NOTE: when full of core ensure all the “START”’s are in top left corner, if not the trays do not interlock, they try and nestle!

Plastic core trays are only available in NQ, HQ and PQ at present.

Geo-Explore Store is happy to assist with floor plans, flow diagrams, shed designs for larger storage systems given a footprint , number of core trays or metres to be drilled (or to be stored). Please contact us for a no charge, no obligation assessment of your needs with some possible solutions for your perusal.

Geo-Explore Store has partnered with LA GENERALE DE FORAGE (GEFOR SARL) in DRC who represents us as a local distributor. Please see details in advert.


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