Ivory Coast records 10% rise in gold production

Ivory Coast records 10% rise in gold production

Ivory Coast’s gold output in 2021 reached 41.85 tonnes, up 10% from 38 tonnes in 2020. This is according to Thomas Camara, minister of mines, petroleum and energy.

The minister announced that the country which is world’s top cocoa producer, is seeking to develop its long-neglected mining sector to diversify its revenue. It aims to boost gold output to 65 tonnes by 2025.

Active gold mines

“Our country is resolutely committed to make the mining sector the second pillar of our growth. Ivory Coast seeks to increase the mining sector’s share of GDP to 5% next year and 6% in 2025, up from 3% now,” said Camara.

Ivory Coast has five active gold mines and four more that will start production by 2025 or 2026, including one at the end of this year, said Jean-Claude Diplo, president of the Grouping of Mining Professionals of Ivory Coast (GPMCi). Companies operating include Perseus Mining, Endeavour Mining and Africa-focused Allied Gold Corp.

The Tongon mine alone employs thousands of workers and produces about 7.5 tonnes of gold annually. That production only begins to touch the surface. Yoaoure mine near Yamoussoukro is estimated to contain at least 200 tonnes of gold. This means that the country will be enjoying all the economic benefits of mining for decades to come.



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