ISO-Reliability Partners announces strategic partnerships for 2024

AI is one of the biggest trends in industrial engineering for decades

A leading provider of reliability and lubrication solutions, ISO-Reliability Partners capped off a highly successful 2023 with a landmark five-year tender to supply Royal Purple premium lubricants to Transnet Engineering for lubrication of high-speed traction motor bearings. “In the mining industry, we add considerable value to milling and processing plants. We have grown our market share in the open gear lubrication field by onboarding new customers looking to improve production output while lowering operating costs,” notes Craig FitzGerald.

In addition, the company showcased its expertise by demonstrating the enhanced compressor performance achieved by Sasol Synfuels by it adopting Royal Purple Synfilm GT, resulting in improved protection and reduced energy consumption.

“Our success has come with challenges,” adds FitzGerald. The company had to address attempts by unscrupulous competitors to replicate its pioneering Filter Focus branded micro fine filtration technology.

Despite copied products resembling the original, these underperform significantly. ISO-Reliability’s strategy for 2024 involves continued education efforts to inform customers about these imitations and emphasise the superior performance of authentic Filter Focus products.

Another milestone goal for next year is establishing a predictive maintenance platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in partnership with a leading German AI technology firm. FitzGerald anticipates announcing these partnerships early next year, with the aim to deliver substantial cost-saving initiatives to its client base.

In order to extend its offering and break into the consumer and retail markets for premium motor vehicle lubricants, ISO-Reliability Partners has acquired 100% of Power Performance Lubricants (Pty) Ltd. As a result of this acquisition, the company now controls distribution of both the industrial and consumer range of Royal Purple’s energy-saving premium lubricants.

In terms of latest trends, FitzGerald says AI “is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends that our industry will see for many decades to come.” The company anticipates leveraging AI for real-time equipment monitoring, providing early insights into potential issues and enhancing safety through reduced human interactions with equipment.

Condition monitoring requires regular analysis performed at predetermined intervals to evaluate changes in machine vibration, wear particle analysis of lubricating oils, and temperature increases through thermographic inspections. Most importantly, it requires human interaction and the use of off-site laboratories, with results often only available up to three days after a site visit.

AI, on the other hand, has the ability to continuously monitor equipment in real-time at a fraction of the cost. It can provide early insights into potential machine issues months before the techniques used at present.

“AI will dramatically reduce the costs associated with condition monitoring, with the added value of safety by eliminating human interactions with equipment. Our solutions provide automated fault reporting with root cause identification and recommendations for fault repair,” notes FitzGerald.

He highlights the industry’s concern about the availability and security of electricity in South Africa. The company aims to address this by offering innovative technologies to improve efficiency and reduce electricity wastage. Its collaboration with Royal Purple of the US, which has developed energy-saving lubricants capable of significantly lowering electricity consumption, is testament to this commitment.

“Dynamometer tests reveal an increase in engine output by around 12% gained by reduced frictional losses through the engine and drive- train,” points out FitzGerald. Friction accounts for 15% of all energy usage worldwide.

Therefore, Royal Purple has developed energy-saving lubricants for a range of industrial equipment. It is capable of lowering electricity consumption by 4% to 18%, while achieving the same production output. “A commonsense approach to friction reduction results in considerable cost reductions,” argues FitzGerald.

Looking to 2024, FitzGerald says his outlook remains positive. ISO-Reliability Partners fosters an environment of inclusion and positivity, with focus-driven goals to grow its valued client base and range of cost-reducing technologies.

“Our employees are the heart of the business. As such, a large effort is made in terms of technical and managerial training to raise the skill level of our employees and add value to the service we offer our clients,” he concludes.


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