Incentive schemes must balance customer experience and compliance


In today’s fast-paced business world, the balance between providing a swift, seamless customer experience and adhering to compliance regulations is a challenging feat, especially in the incentive scheme sector. “We have demonstrated that this balance is not only achievable but also a source of competitive advantage,” comments Steve Mallaby, CEO of adumo Payouts.

Mallaby’s vision is to deliver incentive payments rapidly while ensuring compliance with governance processes. “We always come back to the speed of service,” he says, stressing the company’s commitment to efficiency. “This focus is not just about being fast; it is about being the best in the business, akin to the ‘Checkers Sixty60’ of incentive schemes.”

One striking example Mallaby shares is from the mining industry, where reaching a safety milestone on a Friday morning could result in workers having their incentive funds paid onto their cards before they go home that evening for the weekend. “You can still have speed of service and an amazing customer experience while still making sure you align with financial compliance,” asserts Mallaby. This reflects adumo’s philosophy that customer experience and compliance are not mutually exclusive but complementary.

adumo’s approach involves a deep understanding and integration of compliance processes, ensuring that these do not impede the customer experience. “We have shown that we are able to onboard a corporate company and process their first payouts in a single day,” notes Mallaby. Such a rapid onboarding and processing capability sets adumo apart, providing a significant competitive advantage.

The business’s flexibility and scalability are also notable. Whether a company has five or 5 000 workers, adumo’s solutions can be tailored to fit various industry needs. The capability to handle bulk processing through a customer portal ensures that funds are disbursed onto workers’ cards in real time. This capability is crucial for maintaining efficiency and productivity, allowing teams to focus less on administrative tasks and more on their core responsibilities.

Moreover, the immediate payment of incentives has broader implications for financial inclusion and stability. Workers receive their rewards as they earn them, reducing the likelihood of resorting to loan sharks or seeking salary advances. This not only benefits the individual employees but also fosters a culture of excellence and reliability within the company. As Mallaby points out: “It gives them a safety net.”

adumo’s strong adherence to governance processes makes it a trusted payout partner. Companies seeking a reputable incentives partner can rely on it for both speed and compliance. “For a big corporate, having a credible payout partner like us is critical,” notes Mallaby.

adumo Payouts exemplifies how a company – from mining to construction to general industry – can deliver an outstanding worker incentive experience without compromising on compliance. By ensuring that incentives are paid out quickly and reliably, adumo enhances productivity and supports financial stability and inclusion for workers. This approach sets a new standard in the industry, demonstrating that efficiency and governance can indeed go hand in hand.



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