New SKF LGNL 3 grease can take the load


SKF is proud to introduce its new LGNL 3 general purpose, high load bearing grease that caters to the lubrication requirements of a wide range of industries and applications.

“One of our primary goals was to develop a lithium-free grease that will match or even outperform our renowned SKF LGMT 3 grease at a lower cost, using the LGMT 3 grease as a benchmark,” explains Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager – MaPro. “Based on a thorough research and grease-formulating process, the new high-spec LGNL 3 grease will outperform high quality NLGI 3 lithium-based greases on several parameters including mechanical stability, load carrying capacity, wear protection, and grease life, presenting a worthy non-lithium alternative to our own lithium greases. We will of course continue to supply those applications that require our quality range of lithium greases.”

SKF LGNL 3 grease offers a wealth of key technical benefits that will add significant value for customers. Advantages include very long grease life, great mechanical stability, excellent load carrying capacity, a wide temperature range and excellent anti-wear properties. In terms of commercial benefits, grease consolidation opportunities will lead to stock savings for end users. Martens adds that due to the LGNL 3 grease’s independence from the lithium market, which is mainly driven by electrification trends, customers can also look forward to cost benefits over the mid- and long term.

“Grease compatibility, which refers to the extent to which two greases can be temporarily mixed together without showing extensive hardening or softening of the mixture, is extremely important,” says Martens and warns that either one of these outcomes could endanger the lubrication of the bearing. A grease compatibility test aims to provide certainty about the risks associated with the transition from one grease to another in the event that a thorough cleaning cannot be performed due to operational conditions. SKF LGNL 3 has been tested against LGMT 3, LGEM 2, LGHB 2, LGHP 2 and LGWA 2 and shows good compatibility with all five products. Martens advises that if customers are unsure about the compatibility of the grease they are currently using, they are welcome to contact their nearest SKF Authorised Distributor or SKF for assistance.

In addition to vertical shaft and high load applications, SKF’s new LGNL 3 grease is suitable for use on pumps and fans, mills and crushers, as well as on wheel bearings of passenger and commercial vehicles and trailers.             /Ends


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