Drilling game changers – Epiroc COP 66 and T-Wiz60

The COP 66 is lighter faster thirty percent shorter boasting fifteen percent faster penetration comparted to its predecessor

The COP 66 hammer for DTH applications and T-WiZ60 T-thread system for Tophammer drilling, both from Epiroc are defined by efficiency and reliability, two factors that are fundamental in curtailing operational costs and extending equipment life leading to maximised uptime and increased productivity, ultimately reducing end-users’ total drilling costs (TDC).

“We understand that customers and end-users are under extreme pressure to increase output while lowering input in order to remain profitable,” says Robert Nel, Business Line Manager of Epiroc’s Rock Drilling Tools (RDT) division. “Subsequently, our hammer and drill string product portfolio is focused on innovation to meet the new era of ultra-efficient drilling and our COP 66 hammer and T-WiZ60 for DTH (down-the-hole) and tophammer drilling respectively are certainly no exception. Built on the success of their predecessors, these two units have been specially designed and engineered to achieve more holes per shift and per drill rig, keeping productivity to an all-time high.”

The COP 66 is specially designed for Epiroc’s new generation of SmartROC and FlexiROC drill rigs and, combining the best drilling technology with air packages of up to 30 bar, these hammers present an unrivalled drilling solution.

With its unique platform design which incorporates a solid bit with no centre flushing hole and no exhaust tube, the hammer is 30% shorter, lighter and faster, a trio that contribute to reduced wear and tear and consequently greater reliability and improved economy.

The COP 66 also boasts 15% faster penetration compared to its predecessor, the COP 64 Gold, which is due to reduced air consumption.

The hammer incorporates design features that are geared to making life easier for the operator which not only has a positive impact on productivity but also improves worker safety.  Simple to handle operate, these hammers are more easily adjustable for feed force and rotation.

“Servicing of the COP66 can be best described as quick, easy and hassle-free,” notes Nel. “Innovations like E-kit allow the COP 66 to be rebuilt twice over its lifetime in normal abrasive conditions which delivers tremendous savings for the end-user.”

When it comes to life cycle, few products can beat the T-WiZ60 which has been engineered to offer up to 30% longer service life. Components such as the rods and shank adapters of this rugged T-thread system have been designed even tougher. Benefits include reduced risk of breakage, greater thread stability as well as improved drilling reliability and drilling capacity.

The unit is also extremely easy to uncouple and change while fewer rod and shank changes increases drill utilisation and minimises stock.

The T-WiZ60 uses the optimised Powerbit T-WiZ60 (92mm – 152mm) drill bit range and is ideal for bench and production drilling for surface mining sectors as well for construction, coping easily with difficult rock formations and fractured rock. Nel confirms that the versatile unit can be used on all drilling rig brands within each application area.

The COP 66 hammer for DTH applications from Epiroc is defined by efficiency and reliability



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