Dekra Industrial: ‘Safety first’ with 5.5 million injury-free man hours in sight and top-notch NOSA ranking


Dekra Industrial continues along its successful safety trajectory, leading by example regarding safety in the workplace. In March 2021, the company achieved 5 million serious injury-free man hours of operational safety, and is now moving steadily towards its next target.

Carina Kleinhans, Dekra Industrial’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager, explains: “It was a major achievement for us to reach 5 million serious injury-free man hours in March last year, thereby achieving a goal which the company has been working towards for many years. We are very pleased with this achievement, as it shows real commitment from the entire workforce, led by our executive management team.

We are now working towards 5.5 million serious injury-free man hours, which we hope to attain in early 2023.”

Dekra Industrial Managing Director Johan Gerber adds: “Being able to present this excellent result to our clients allows them to see that – across the company – we ‘live’ and practise our stated objectives when it comes to safety, thereby ensuring the well-being of all our employees and valued clients.

This also shows that when our Dekra Industrial team members are on-site at our clients’ premises, we are in turn also supporting their safety-related goals, policies and procedures, and ‘walking our talk’.”

Dekra Industrial’s commitment to entrenching a culture of safety is further highlighted by its current results in the NOSA (National Occupational Safety Association).

“The recent NOSA ranking reflects our highest ever, with a score of 97.48,” clarifies Kleinhans. “These audited NOSA results are very pleasing, as we improve on our score every year. We believe this is testimony to our management commitment, our systems and procedures, our employees’ understanding of what is expected, and our ongoing efforts to provide clear and understandable communications regarding safety.”

“Dekra Industrial has consistently improved its NOSA results since 2013,” adds Gerber, “and I commend all our employees for their ongoing commitment to the critical pursuit of safety in the workplace.

Combined with our steady progress towards the landmark of achieving 5.5 million injury-free hours, we continue to put safety first as dedicated ‘Heroes of Safety’ in industry,” he concludes.


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