Bosch Munitech’s underground survey services for the mining sector

Bosch Munitech undertakes an underground survey to detect cable network

Bosch Munitech provides specialist utility services that includes Underground Utility Detection (UUD) which is essential for providing accurate information of underground infrastructure for many sectors, including the mining industry.

“Our service offering comprises the survey of underground utilities at mines and then transferring the data to a 3D format for the client. Underground surveys – which require expert skills, using non-intrusive methods to locate the exact type, size, position and depth of buried utilities – are important for maintaining an accurate plan of the mining operation,” explains Keshan Moodley, Director, Bosch Munitech “Our highly-skilled survey technicians use a ground penetrating radar and two different pipe locators – one for metallic and the other for non-metallic pipes. Underground surveys are critical for reducing risk and ensuring efficiency and safety in every excavation or construction project.”

The Bosch Munitech team uses advanced equipment for underground surveys, which includes electromagnetic locators, ground penetrating radars and sonde equipment. This technology is highly effective in locating buried services, like water pipes, storm water and sewerage drains, as well as electrical, telecommunications and fibre optic cables.

Key benefits of utility detection include accurate utility drawings for design purposes, less damage caused to essential services during excavation, reduction of costs caused by services damage, re-designs, interruptions and a safer working environment.

Bosch Munitech also offers 3D laser scanning, to enhance engineering projects. The company has made a substantial investment in a laser scanner with the latest technology for detailed measurement purposes, to create topographic maps, meshes, point clouds or drawings, based on the real-world. The team utilises the scanner to provide quick, accurate and relevant data.

Clients are able to view 3D-illustrations virtually and problems can be identified before construction commences, without having to physically visit the site, which is an advantage during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bosch Munitech’s other management utility service includes leak detection. This service is custom designed to suit the specific client requirement, whether it be a specific leak issue on a single main or an entire network. Key clients include consulting engineers, environmental specialists, construction and mining companies, municipalities, petroleum and industrial plants.


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