Zimbabwe Looks to South Sudan Ahead of Domestic Discoveries

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development highlighted the role that South Sudanese expertise will play in supporting the growth of the southern African country’s nascent oil and gas market

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, Hon. Magna Mudyiwa

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, Hon. Magna Mudyiwa, stated at the South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) conference in Juba this week that Zimbabwe is looking to South Sudan for support ahead of sizable oil and gas finds expected in the southern African country,

An in-country exploration campaign is currently underway in Zimbabwe and has revealed encouraging results. According to Hon. Minister Mudyiwa, the country is “inching closer to making a discovery, which will open a new chapter for Zimbabwe, as we will join other producing countries in the region.”

Australian-listed oil and gas company Invictus Energy is currently conducting exploratory work in Zimbabwe’s Cabora Bassa Basin, with resources having already been confirmed. As a country that relies heavily on refined petroleum product imports, the discovery and development of domestic hydrocarbon resources will significantly aid in achieving energy security, while reducing import costs and stabilizing supply.

“The prospect is exciting and will positively impact our economy. Should sufficient quantities be expected, this will result in the production of liquid fuels from local resources,” said Hon. Minister Mudyiwa.

Ahead of anticipated exploratory success, Hon. Minister Mudyiwa stated that “Zimbabwe has a lot to learn from South Sudan, who has done a lot of exploration before us.”

The two countries already enjoy strong bilateral ties in the education sector, with various programs underway including internships, exchange programs and funding. However, Hon. Minister Mudyiwa believes that “cooperation can be strengthened to include training and capacity building in oil and gas, given our country’s limitations in oil and gas production, an area where South Sudan is experienced. Zimbabwe has identified this area as an important avenue for cooperation.”

“South Sudan is an amazing case study and can offer advice on regulations, structures and law, handling of environmental issues that rise due to oil and gas production, and appropriate technology for optimized oil recovery,” the Honorable Minister continued.

In this context, the SSOP 2023 summit – organized by Energy Capital & Power – represents a key avenue to foster dialogue and strengthen relations between the two countries, with Hon. Minister Mudyiwa stating: “As a country, we would like to capitalize on the opportunities offered through participation at this forum.”


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