Zimbabwe launches youth mining project

Zimbabwe launches youth mining project

Zimbabwe has launched a mining project which is set to economically empower youths and women. ZANU PF aspiring legislator for Dangamvura-Chikanga, Isau Mupfumi performed the launch ceremony and said the move is aimed at supporting initiatives enunciated in the National Development Strategy 1(NDS1) to promote broad based and inclusive development.

“We are promoting empowerment in the constituency through engaging youths and women in mining, so as to uplift their livelihoods despite the economic hardship. So far I have acquired 14 gold claims at Redwing Mine for the project and each ward has its own claim that it will be operating in. The money from the project is also going to help in the constituency events, in funerals as well as helping vulnerable people.

National Development Strategy (NDS1)

“We are supporting the vision of National Development Strategy (NDS1) which is aimed at transforming the country into a middle income society by 2030, through this project as it is also going to create jobs for the youths and also contribute to the national mining sector,” he said

Mupfumi added that the project is going to enable the youths to earn a living in the wake of limited employment opportunities.

“I am encouraging all youths to take advantage of this economic empowerment and conquer the leading spot so that they generate an income for themselves and shun abuse of drugs as well as other illegal activities. I have provided protective clothes for safety, equipment and food to eat during their mining operations and in the future I will provide them with essential machinery so as to promote sustainable mining,” he said.



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