Zero emission solution for the Toyota Land Cruiser & Hilux used in underground mining

Tembo 4x4 e-LV Electric Cruiser & HLX

Tembo 4×4 e-LV’s are the next step in light vehicle development for mining, with 100% electric drive and zero emissions. The Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux are transformed into the Electric Cruiser & Electric HLX by using proven technology for reliability and robustness.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series & Toyota Hilux are the most common used light vehicles in mining worldwide. The heavy duty frame and powertrain have proven to survive in these rough environments and the basic design make the Land Cruiser & Hilux the ideal base vehicle inside the mines. However the standard Land Cruisers & Hilux with diesel engines cannot meet future emission standards.

Fitting an electric engine solves the only weak point of these otherwise excellent vehicles. It takes away all exhaust gasses, improves the air quality of the workplace and reduces the need for ventilation when used underground.

Built to be as robust as the original product the Electric Cruiser and Electric HLX are engineered with the mining industry in mind. Using off-the-shelve parts from the automotive industry there are no experiments, only proven technology. All parameters of the engine, such as maximum speed and torque can be customised to a setting suitable for your situation. Precise fleet management gives you full control over the vehicle, its usage and maintenance status.

The engine and gearbox of the original vehicle have been replaced with the electric unit, which requires little maintenance. It is a completely sealed and waterproof system. Theoretically you can run it under water.

The on-board charger makes live for the operator as easy as possible, allowing the vehicle to be charged directly from the existing electrical infrastructure. Using engine braking the vehicle is able to charge its batteries, for instance on downhill sections into an underground mine. This allows for a range between 60-80 km with the existing battery capacity on a full charge and is the exact average range to cover one shift underground.

Vehicle management is done by an elaborate system, featuring a full can bus, telematics with remote access and a user- and maintenance friendly interface. ‘The ECU is easy to access with a diagnostic tool and it can automatically share data with a server for maintenance and fleet management purposes. This simplifies maintenance on this already very simple and robust vehicle.

The Electric Cruiser and Electric HLX are ready for the future in underground mining and contribute to a greener, cleaner and better place to work. Contacts


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