Zambian Government Fast-tracks the GED Africa Route


Just a month after the successful completion of GED Zambia’s early works civil construction, the Government of the Republic of Zambia continues to play a key role in maintaining the project’s momentum as they hosted GED Africa for a three-day working session (January 19-21, 2022).

Delegates included representatives from various Ministries and Government Agencies, including the Zambia Road Development Agency (RDA), came together in the spirit of ensuring the success of this public-private partnership project. Discussions were chaired by Mr. Mumba Chanda, Director, Local Government Finance and Projects from the Ministry of Finance. GED Africa’s management team, RDA Design and Planning engineers, representatives from Duna Aszfalt, and project advisors were also in attendance.  

“We thank the Government of Zambia and RDA for leading this informative session, as well as Duna Aszfalt’s technical and financial experts from Hungary for their valuable support. Bringing all the key stakeholders together in this way enabled us to underline our shared commitment to facilitating trade for social development and sustainable economic growth. Widespread consultation and open dialogue platforms have been hallmarks of this project since its inception, with this week’s event being a prime example of this approach.” – Klaus Findt, CEO, GED Africa.

This unique opportunity to gather insights from experts across multiple Government Departments allowed for fruitful discussions on the technical and financial models required to achieve upcoming milestones. The wide representation and open dialogue expedited efficient decision making and mutually beneficial solutions.

Throughout the session, delegates remained engaged and open to the technical expertise that the GED Africa and their main financial sponsor, Duna Aszfalt, bring to the project. 30% of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts will be awarded to Zambian contractors, creating an increased opportunity for local contractors to benefit from international skills transfer throughout the implementation of this world class project.

The One Stop Border Post concept was presented to experts from the Zambian Contracting Authorities and then discussed in depth with local engineers boasting a wide range of experience. GED Africa introduced the detailed design drawings of the 345-meter, single pylon, cable-stayed bridge to be built over Luapula River and presented details on the successful completion of the early works civil construction, which is an important step in preparation for the project. In addition to the legal and financial discussions that took place, delegates were briefed on the overloading strategy, a critical concept regarding asset preservation for the Concessionaire.

The sessions concluded by further defining deliverables based on robust timelines. The Government of the Republic of Zambia and GED Africa agreed on clear next steps and are eager to deliver this widely anticipated project that will enhance regional trade and serve the wider public.

 GED Zambia

GED Projects Africa Zambia (GED Zambia) is an entity registered in the Republic of Zambia and is 99.9% owned by GED Africa Limited. GED Africa is the ultimate owner of the rights to design, build and operate the GED Africa Route which includes the upgrade and greenfield road construction from Kasomeno, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Mwenda, Zambia, a modern 345-metre cable stay bridge across the Luapula River, and one-stop border posts in each country. GED Zambia was established to manage all aspects of project management and operations within Zambia including the partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the contracting authority, the Road Development Agency (RDA). Duna Aszfalt, a leading European infrastructure development firm, is GED Africa’s main financial sponsor.




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