Zambian Copper Mines Embrace CYBERMINE Simulator Technology


ThoroughTec Simulation, the world’s leading supplier of hi-fidelity, heavy equipment operator training simulators, is on a roll in Zambia, with a number of recent sales to surface and underground mines in the country.

The South African company has a proud track record of simulating the most complex surface and underground mining equipment with their CYBERMINE high-fidelity training simulator systems, and now offers the widest range of operator training simulators in the world.

An underground copper mine near Chambishi has purchased two CYBERMINE Full-Mission Simulator (FMS) Systems along with six interchangeable simulator cabs, representing their entire fleet of Sandvik underground mining equipment. “It’s great to see a mine investing in the training and development of their workforce,” says ThoroughTec CEO, Justin Collins.

Models being simulated include the Sandvik TH430 underground truck, DD422i drill rig, LH514 LHD, DS411 rock support bolter and a DL430 longhole drill rig. “We’ve worked exceptionally hard to become the world’s leading producer of mining equipment simulators,” says Regional Vice President of EMEA, Adam Smallman. “Factor in our attentiveness in supporting customers, willingness to develop customised solutions for them and exceptionally low through-life cost of ownership, and it’s easy to see why so many new clients, and more notably existing simulation users, are selecting and switching to ThoroughTec.”

Elsewhere, a surface mine located in the country’s Copperbelt, has chosen ThoroughTec to supply them with two CYBERMINE FMS, along with five interchangeable simulator cabs. The mine operates Komatsu and Hitachi equipment and, “is looking to our products in order to boost the productivity and safety levels of their operators,’’ says Collins, who adds, “these latest generation simulators remain the cornerstone of ThoroughTec’s integrated training system. They allow for highly-realistic, ‘practical’ training in a safe, cost-effective and controlled environment.”

Models being produced for this project are earmarked for the training of operators of: Komatsu 785-7 haul trucks, PC8000 excavators, Hitachi EH4500 and EH5000 haul trucks, and EX5500 excavators.

Crowning their recent achievements in Zambia, the largest copper mine in Africa, located around 10km from the town of Solwezi, has just recently selected ThoroughTec to rejuvenate their simulator training centre, replacing their legacy, third-party systems with two latest generation CYBERMINE FMS Systems and three simulator cabs, representing the Hitachi EH3500 haul truck, Caterpillar 785-C haul truck and a Liebherr 9350 excavator.

‘’These sales show how more and more major mining clients are recognising our ability to provide ‘best-in-class’ solutions for all classes of machinery, across all OEMs, whether surface or underground,’’ notes Smallman.




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