When accuracy matters: Endress+Hauser South Africa receives SANAS accreditation for local flow calibration centre


Process automation specialist, has announced that it has received the distinction of being a South African Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited flow meter calibration laboratory, in accordance with the recognised international standard ISO 17025

Calibration is a critical step in ensuring that a Flow meter performs within expected  specifications. Endress+Hauser is now well positioned to support its local customer’s Flow Calibration requirements, this includes third party meters. This Service offering places ahead of its South African competitors.

According to Wisane Hlungwane, Workshop Manager at Endress+Hauser, the company invested in its new calibration rig to support Customer’s  process safety and product quality requirements. High precision flow meters are not only a firm requirement for compliance, but also a pre-requisite for customer satisfaction and cost savings.


“Our investment forms part of on-going commitment to providing reliable instrumentation incorporating innovative and leading edge technology. With our SANAS accreditation we now offer customers traceability of the calibration results to national and international standards via an uninterrupted ‘traceability chain’ of comparative measurements and calibrations,” states Hlungwane.

He points out that Endress+Hauser’s Product Centre – Process Solutions (PCPS) in Switzerland designed Endress+Hauser’s Flow Calibration Centre specifically for South Africa. It can accommodate flow meter sizes, for flow calibrations from DN08 to a maximum size of DN100.

The Flow Calibration Centre has a maximum flow rate of 110m3/h and its design is based upon a closed loop water system. The water tank contains 200 litres of water. Hlungwane states that to achieve this flow rate, variable speed drives (VSDs) and pumps are used.

“This design ensures optimum stability of flow rates across the required flow ranges,” he says.

There are four Promass Coriolis Master Meters used to compare the customer’s flow meter or Unit Under Test (UUT) response and accuracy across the applicable flow range. These Master meters are calibrated annually at Endress+Hauser in Switzerland and are traceable to ISO 17025 international standards.

It’s no easy feat in obtaining an ISO 17025 accreditation. This  involves rigorous third party assessments to  ensure that all of the requirements identified in the standards are met to determine the standards that need to be maintained. ISO 17025 also requires that the traceable system components of the calibration process are traceable to the international System of units (SI). Furthermore, to meet the requirements of ISO 17025, the measurement uncertainty, that is the accuracy and repeatability of the calibration rig, is based on the uncertainty of each component in the measurement process. This is a means of comparing ISO 17025 accredited rigs with  each other. In addition to the technical requirements, ISO 17025 defines obligatory administrative controls and procedures to be followed by the calibration facility. Topics such as organisation and management, document control, and complaint management are addressed to ensure the calibration facility functions in a manner promoting quality results.

Only trained calibration specialists, who have completed rigorous training in the Product centres in Switzerland, are assigned to the . In addition, its master meters are annually calibrated on an ISO 17025 accredited calibration rig, which is based in Switzerland.

“Knowing that flow meters have been calibrated by an accredited facility such as ours should certainly give our customers the utmost of confidence in our Calibration offering. That is, our accreditation can be seen as a bonus for all South Africans – an assurance of  knowing that you are paying for the exact amount of water or electricity you use, no more – no less, or receiving exactly what you are paying for, such as to the millimetre fabric softener or any other liquid purchased. This is what we can offer our customers that bring in their flow meters to have them tested and calibrated for accurate measurement,” adds Hlungwane.

For further information, please visit http://bit.ly/Endress_SANAS_accreditation


Wisani Hlungwane
Workshop Repairs Supervisor | Service Department
Phone: +27 11 262 8091


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