Wacker Neuson’s first battery-driven EZ17e mini-excavator digs deep with zero direct emissions and low engine noise

Wacker Neuson all-electric EZ17e mini-excavator with no direct exhaust emissions particularly low noise levels

Wacker Neuson South Africa is proud to unveil its all-electric mini-excavator, the EZ17e, which boasts no direct exhaust emissions and particularly low noise levels. “We are extremely excited about this battery-driven excavator, especially as it is the first of Wacker Neuson’s comprehensive zero-emission compact equipment range that we are introducing to the South African market,” states Dennis Vietze, Managing Director of Wacker Neuson Sub Saharan Africa.

‘Mini’ is really only applicable to this highly efficient machine’s dimensions because when it comes to performance duration, durability, safety and sturdiness, the EZ17e works just as flexibly as its combustion engine counterparts. Its knock-out blow is that it delivers all this cleanly and quietly. The excavator features outstanding ergonomics, ease of handling, and cost efficiency. High-quality lithium ion technology enables this robust digger to perform reliably for an entire average workday.

The stark reality of climate change has captured global attention. With carbon emissions identified as the major offender, the big drive towards achieving net zero carbon has led to ever more stringent environmental regulations being placed on industry and mining. Against this backdrop, capital equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Wacker Neuson are successfully incorporating rapidly-advancing battery technology into their products. This has led to the evolution of battery-powered electric machines and equipment that mirror the same capabilities and functionalities as fuel/LPG-driven products with the added crucial ‘green’ advantages of zero-emissions and low engine noise.

Committed to creating a holistic solution for the zero-emission work site and subsequently also helping to protect the climate, the Wacker-Neuson Group has been at the forefront of harnessing clean battery power into its light equipment and compact machines. This forward-thinking approach earned Wacker Neuson the SaMoTer 2020 Innovation Award in the category hydraulic mini-excavators, for the advanced engineering and design of the EZ17e. Wacker Neuson’s innovatively pioneered, leading-edge zero-emission product line-up proudly displays a distinguishing green ‘e’ that stands not only for the drive system but also for easy, efficient, electric, completely emission-free operation.

Wacker Neuson’s entire electric zero-emission range was tested on a city construction site by a long-standing customer in Stuttgart, Germany. The fact that the machines and equipment “have the same power as conventional ones,” impressed the customer who also reported that the products have “fewer maintenance points compared to combustion-engine equipment and that operators can get to grips with the machines much more easily.”

Having already successfully stamped a green footprint around the globe, Wacker Neuson’s zero emission battery-powered electric solutions have now reached South African soil. “We are also pleased to announce that the EZ17e has already been successfully tested in South Africa by our distributor partners, AFGRI Equipment and Maucal Mining and Minerals,” affirms Dennis. Having put the machines through their paces, both organizations have reported extreme satisfaction with the excavator’s overall performance.

The advanced 23.4 kWh lithium-ion battery at the heart of the EZ17e provides enough power to the mini-excavator to complete a full shift. In a bid to maximize customer and end-user uptime and productivity, Wacker Neuson has engineered a highly flexible battery power solution: The excavator can be connected to a power source while operating in stationary applications. Furthermore, owing to patented battery technology that incorporates integrated battery heating, the electric digger can, regardless of the ambient temperature, be charged from any power source including the grid or even a renewable energy source (100 to 415 volts).

As the low-maintenance EZ17e does not require the typical maintenance work demanded by conventional machines such as engine oil and filter replacement, service material costs and downtime are significantly reduced.

The EZ17e scores yet another zero as the first fully-electric Zero Tail mini-excavator without rear projection. The no-overhang design makes this compact machine ideal for efficient, seamless operation indoors, in tight, cramped spaces, and directly alongside walls and obstructions.

“With the Wacker Neuson ‘zero-emission’ solutions,” says Dennis, “a complete inner-city construction site can be operated even today without direct exhaust emissions. Environmental compliance regulations are set to become ever more stringent, so using a machine or equipment that does not emit excessive noise or exhaust fumes in the first place, eliminates the need to test for compliance with threshold values, giving end-users complete peace of mind.” Dennis adds that zero direct emissions and low engine noise protect not only the working environment but also, most importantly, the operators.

Wrapping up, Dennis says customers can also look forward to a wide range of other battery-powered equipment that Wacker Neuson will be rolling out and systematically integrating into the local market over the next few months. These include rammers, wheel and track dumpers, wheel loaders, vibratory plates as well as an internal vibrator system for concrete consolidation. “We invite customers to join us on our exciting and sustainable zero-emission journey and move closer to achieving their net zero carbon goals.”


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