Virtual Reality Simulation System for Underground Mining Project

 Article by Tecknotrove:

Imagine that you are sitting on a desk in a classroom listening to a lecture on working safely at mines…

Now Imagine yourself putting on a VR headset and standing in a virtual environment, which is an exact replica of the mine you work in. You can walk around the mine site freely with a click of a button .You can also walk around the machine and learn on how to perform the machine inspection step by step . You can point at things you don’t recognize or understand. Instructions pop up in front of your eyes with key points on what to look for.

Which of those experiences are you more likely to remember and find useful?

For so many years we have been sitting in classroom listening to lectures that gives important information , but in a very boring  style. Virtual Reality is changing the way of training.  It enables you to train and assess your employees on real situations, real problems , real environments without any risks , at their own pace.

“There is a constant pressure on mining companies to maximize production, find skilled manpower , keep workforce safe, train manpower to operate complex, automated equipment that requires safe, efficient maintenance. AR & VR technologies have the potential to address many of these issues by offering mining operators improved levels of productivity, safety and machinery uptime and better trained manpower “  says Shantanu Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems.

The 3D simulated environment creates authentic mining conditions and scenarios such as rock falls , machine fire, that immerse users in the mining experience, as well as provides students with a better understanding of how VR technologies can improve performance and health and safety standards.

Virtual Reality (VR) doesn’t just hold potential in employee training and development. It is very useful in orienting managers and decision makers on managing operations, hazard awareness, decision making in an emergency situation.

Tecknotrove is one of the largest producer of training simulators for Mining Industry.

TecknoSIM Simulators have been successfully installed in over 20 countries including Botswana, Mangolia, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and Dubai, India and have helped trained thousands of operators. Our mission is to increase the site’s profitability by improving the safety and productivity of your operators. TecknoSIM Simulators are customized for a variety of equipment with varied capacities of CAT, Komatsu, Volvo, P&H, Belaz, L&T, Hitachi and more


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