Turnkey telecoms solutions for construction, mining, and agriculture

Satellite connectivity solutions include internet e-mail VoIP and video:

Construction, mining, and agriculture are more often than not located in remote areas, where satellite is the only form of connectivity available, which can be deployed in a matter of days. Logical Wireless of Johannesburg provides turnkey communication solutions to both corporate and private clients in a range of industries located in remote areas.

This is made possible through a technology called VSAT, which is a satellite-based connectivity solution for remote and underserviced areas, Logical Wireless Managing Director Gavin Behr explains. VSAT on Ka band frequency is a relatively new technology, providing high-speed satellite solutions of up to 45 Mbps for corporates, and 15Mbps for small businesses and individuals.

However, until recently this has been available only in certain areas of Africa. “A new Ka band satellite has been launched that will provide coverage throughout Africa. We would like to focus on areas previously not covered, and convert these clients on to our Ka band high-speed platform,” Behr elaborates.

This presents the opportunity of identifying clients currently on an old satellite service, and migrating them to the new Ka band. The customer base extends from Zimbabwe, Botswana to Namibia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Gabon, and Malawi.

These services are also available throughout South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Logical Wireless’ diverse client list includes African Rainbow Minerals, Armscor, DRD Gold, Conco, Firestone Diamonds, Mothae Diamonds, and Assore, to name a few, as well as the farming community throughout Africa.

Satellite connectivity solutions offered include internet, e-mail, VoIP, and video connectivity to all locations throughout Africa, no matter how remote the region may be. An additional strategy has seen Logical Wireless cut its pricing substantially for low-cost MPLS connectivity for corporate clients.  An MPLS network provides a completely private network for clients, thus ensuring that its connectivity can be extended to its remotest branches throughout Africa.

Complementary services are also available such as IT hardware and software, as well as comprehensive support agreements and Wi-Fi networks. Essentially, Logical Wireless is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all its clients’ IT, connectivity, and communication requirements throughout Africa.

“Communication and connectivity is critical for all businesses. This becomes problematic in remote areas where no forms of terrestrial connectivity are available,” Behr comments. A satellite solution can be deployed in any remote area to provide a complete communication and connectivity solution to allow individuals and companies to conduct business as if they were in a city.

Satellite is not only extremely reliable, but can be deployed within a matter of days. Logical Wireless even offers fibre-type speeds that, historically-speaking, was unheard of in terms of satellite connectivity. Traditionally, satellite speeds were around 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps, while speeds of up to 45 Mbps are now achievable. “We can also offer redundancy solutions on a pay-per-use basis, enhancing business continuity even further,” Behr reveals.

What gives Logical Wireless a leading edge in a highly competitive market is that it can provide customised bespoke solutions, in addition to being B-BBEE Level 2 certified. “It ensures our clients pay for a solution that works efficiently in accordance with their requirements. This also reduces wastage, as our clients pay only for what they require, ensuring maximum business efficacy.”

Logical Wireless’ pricing structure is extremely competitive in the industry, while all staff are well-qualified, with excellent industry experience. “We strive to provide high-class, personalised service, while forging long-lasting client relationships. In addition, we have the flexibility to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and requests,” Behr asserts.

“Our over 12 years’ industry experience and expertise ensure that customers receive the best end-to-end service delivery. Leveraging on our expertise within both the public and private sector environments affords us the ability to develop key processes and procedures aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience, while ensuring the most optimal value proposition,” Behr concludes


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