Trimble Monitoring Solutions’ GNSS Seismic Monitoring Systems For Underground Mining Operations


The use of appropriate monitoring technology is essential for safe mining operations. Trimble offers a variety of solutions to meet a wide range of requirements, from periodic deformation measurements to automated real-time monitoring. As a world leader in providing high precision GNSS technology, Trimble offers dedicated monitoring GNSS receivers and dedicated monitoring software. Trimble GNSS technology can be used to effectively monitor the surface above an underground mine detecting movement, the rate of movement and the rate of increase of the movement in order to identify potential failure modes.

Trimble monitoring solutions provide the information needed to support a safe working environment, and economic and efficient mining operations, while mitigating the associated risk. Specific product offerings from Trimble include:

The Trimble NetR9 Ti-M is a monitoring GNSS receiver, which includes 440 channels and supports the GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo GNSS constellations. It provides 10 Hz of displacement data and features RTX onboard processing, which eliminates the need for a GNSS base station. The Trimble NetR9 Ti-M monitors 3D displacement of ground above mining operations and provides great value for those looking for a high precision monitoring GNSS receiver.

The Trimble REF TEK 130-SMHR High Resolution Accelerograph monitors seismicity induced by the mining operation, as well as natural seismic activity. It combines a high resolution seismic recorder and high resolution, low noise accelerometer, and can provide a sample rate of up to 200 Hz.

The Trimble Kestrel SeismoGeodetic System combines the benefits of a GNSS receiver and a high resolution accelerograph in a single device. Unique algorithms developed by Trimble process absolute GNSS positions and the acceleration data in a combined approach. As a result, the Trimble Kestrel provides 200 Hz 3D displacement data, which allows the user to monitor sudden movement, as well as the long-term stability of the ground above mining operations. In the same way as the REF TEK 130-SMHR, it also monitors seismicity induced by the mining operation and natural seismic activity.

Trimble 4D Control monitoring software is the perfect tool to manage small, medium and large monitoring projects. This scalable solution processes, visualizes, alarms on and reports on all kinds of monitoring data. It supports a variety of monitoring sensors such as optical total stations, GNSS receivers, vibration sensors, geotechnical sensors and weather stations. Multi-session automated GNSS post-processing, real-time kinematic processing and Trimble RTX engines ensure reliable GNSS processing in any environment. An automated, real-time network adjustment engine for optical, GNSS and combined data provides most accurate 3D displacement results and statistics for monitoring projects of any size. Trimble 4D Control also comes with a powerful Web interface which allows the user to easily access all project information from anywhere using a Web browser.


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