The Geode GNSS Receiver by Juniper Systems is Now Available with RTK


Juniper Systems are excited to announce its Geode™ GNS3M (multi-frequency) GNSS Receiver will now support RTK fixed-position capability. The Geode GNS3M allows users to easily collect real-time GNSS data with sub-metre, sub-foot, decimetre, and now centimetre accuracy options.

With the addition of the Hemisphere® GNSS Athena™ RTK Engine, Geode users will have access to the full spectrum of professional-grade mapping accuracies once RTK is activated. This scalable platform allows users to purchase the level of accuracy they need now while having the option to increase accuracy in the future.

‘RTK Fix capability expands the capability of the Geode to provide our users with complete accuracy flexibility’, said Mr. Simon Bowe, managing director at Juniper Systems® EMEA Office. ‘The Geode is the ultimate in flexible and scalable GNSS accuracy, with sub-metre, sub-foot, decimetre, and now centimetre-level accuracies available to mappers at the level they need for the work to be done’.

The GNS3M allows for scalable accuracy. Its multi-frequency antenna includes support for all constellations on L1, L2, and L5 frequencies. Multi-frequency signal tracking, together with Atlas L-Band correction subscriptions, allow for up to decimetre accuracy.

The Geode GNS3M GNSS Receiver with RTK Fix capability is the ultimate in flexible and scalable accuracy, with sub-metre, sub-foot, decimetre, and now centimetre-level accuracies available’.Mr. Simon Bowe, Managing Director Juniper Systems – EMEA Office

With an RTK activation, the Geode can deliver two-centimetre accuracy through the use of a Network RTK service provider. This allows Geode to be used in cases that require certain standards or accuracy requirements around the world, such as meeting the GNSS accuracy suggestions of civil engineering societies in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa.

‘Today’s professional mapping workforce needs flexibility, and the capability to deliver data within varied tolerances depending on specific job requirements’, Mr. Bowe said. ‘Adding Network RTK correction capability will help to achieve the accuracies required for critical infrastructure mapping projects now and into the future’.

The RTK license activation can be included when purchasing a multi-frequency-enabled Geode GNS3M, or added at any time in the future to an existing GNS3M receiver. Multi-frequency activation is required for RTK. Multi-frequency and RTK activations are a one-time fee. RTK correction data can be accessed through local, regional and national RTK network providers.

The Geode GNS3 continues to offer flexible connectivity and can be used with Microsoft® Windows, Android™, and Apple® iPhone® and iPad® devices. Its all-in-one design makes the Geode GNS3 a compact device with a single button for easy use. A USB-C port allows for data transfer and fast charging, and an antenna port allows for the use of an external antenna if desired.

Geode GNS3M multi-frequency receivers and RTK activations are available now through Juniper Systems and our reseller partner network.


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