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Instruments having their own pulse beat – that describes the concept of Heartbeat Technology for maximum safety and the highest possible availability. The technology equips instruments with a comprehensive diagnositics and verification concept and also facilitates predictive maintenance. Costs for the provision of evidence for functional efficiency or SIL tests are thus reduced.

 Since 1993, the Proline device family has been subject to constant development. As a state-of-the-art transmitter, Proline 300/500 can be freely combined with any of the Promass (coriolis) and Promag (electromagnetic) sensors, which have proven themselves time and again. Depending on the measuring principle, several process variable scan be measured at the same time using only one device. With the coriolis flow measuring principle these include mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration, viscosity, or temperature; whereas the electromagnetic measuring principle focuses on volume flow, temperature, and electrical conductivity.

Every Proline 300/500 measuring device is checked using accredited, fully traceable calibration facilities before delivery (ISO/IEC 17025). This is unparalleled around the globe and guarantees the same high level of measurement quality no matter where the production site is located. The robust design of all Endress+Hauser sensors also guarantees optimum measurement performance, even under highly fluctuating process conditions.

Proline 300/500 is equipped with a multitude of functions, which have yet to be beaten and which supply the customer with a maximum amount of process information. It is not only possible to retrieve device, diagnostics, service or process data via the control room, but now also on site thanks to a web server integrated into the measuring device. This allows for direct connection to a laptop without the need for additional software or hardware. Comprehensive remote data retrieval is also possible via the installed wireless WLAN – a global innovation that will simplify future service and maintenance. This also applies to the sophisticated data storage concept known as HistoROM, which automatically restores the configuration data of a measuring device following a service call.

Looking to the future with Proline – prepared for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Proline 300/500 has a unique range of signal outputs and protocols: HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET. This ensures that customers are able to integrate Endress+Hauser flowmeters seamlessly into their existing infrastructures or automation systems. Thanks to the transparent flow of diagnostics and measurement data – from the sensor to the process control system – unimagined possibilities are now becoming reality, ensuring safe and comprehensive process control.
Heartbeat Technology – always have your finger on the pulse of the process

A further highlight is Heartbeat Technology. Integrated into all Proline devices, this checking function enables permanent self-diagnosis, along with extensive monitoring of the values measured, as well as providing a certified and metrologically traceable verification during operation. The operator does not need to be present in the field: Verification can be started at any time via all available interfaces. This makes it possible, for example, to extend complex, application-specific calibration cycles, thus saving time and money. All this reduces the complexity and risks involved in a system, and therefore increases its safety.

 Heartbeat Technology

Endress+Hauser has had Heartbeat Technology since 2012, and this technology has led to rethinking instrument verification: Since then, more safety may be achieved with considerably less costs. The new Proline 300/500 already features the preconditions for predictive maintenance and documented verification. This means that every measuring point may be verified and documented in-situ without any interruption of the process. A simple, predefined procedure guides the person responsible for maintenance through the verification procedure and, in the end, the verification results are documented in an unambiguous manner. The SIL test according to the safety manual and documentation saves time and reduces costs, too. An automatically generated verification protocol supports the evidence demanded by regulations, laws or plant standards. Heartbeat Technology provides instrument and process data thus facilitating trend recognition for predictive maintenance. The goal is always the optimisation in a targeted manner. Therefore, a combination of instrument and process parameters provides all of the important information for the next steps in maintenance or process optimisation.

Overview of Heartbeat Technology:

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