Spotlight on Omron PID solution at The Solar Show Africa 2017


Omron Solar Specialist Ross Allan

An industry-leading solution to the problem of Potential Induced Degradation (PID), which can slash the output of a solar-power plant by as much as 70%, will take centre stage at The Solar Show Africa 2017 from 28 to 29 March at the Sandton Convention Centre.

This leading exhibition and conference for the renewable energy sector will provide an ideal opportunity for Omron Electronics to showcase its technology to designers, integrators, and EPC contractors, which offers increased flexibility in terms of system design – a major factor in ramping up the cost-effectiveness and return on investment of these projects in Africa.

“The KP100L is unique in the industry in being the only PV inverter of its kind to prevent Potential Induced Degradation (PID),” Omron Electronics Solar Specialist Ross Allan comments. PID poses a huge limitation, as it reduces the output of a PV module after only a few years of service. “The cost implication is apparent when you consider that solar-power plants usually have a 25-year lifespan.”

The particular innovation of the KP100L is its embedded ZCC (ZigZag chopper circuit) technology. “What this achieves is effective control of the negative pole voltage, as if it was virtually grounded,” Allan points out. This removes the need for integrated transformers or any other hardware to prevent negative voltage.

“Not only is the KP100L a transformer-less PV inverter, it is also cheaper, lighter, smaller, and much more efficient, all key criteria in the African solar-power sector. The inverter boasts an impressive efficiency rate of 97.5%.”

Additional features include a wide Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) range, three MPP trackers suitable for multiple and single use, extra peak capacity, increased efficiency in low-radiation scenarios, a balanced three-phase feed-in, and integrated smart functions for ancillary grid services.

The KP100L PV inverter also features NRS 097 2 1 certification specifically for application in the South African electricity supply industry. “This accreditation means that end users can use Omron technology with peace-of-mind as to its quality, innovation, and adaptability to local operating conditions,” Allan notes.

The manufacturer’s grid limiting technology will also be on display, including the CP1W-CIF12 Omron automation and safety controllers, the S8VK power supply, and the KMN2 power-monitoring device.

Global representatives from Omron Electronics who will be on hand to share their experience and expertise with visitors and prospective clients are Stefano Corni, Key Account Manager, and Eleonora Denna, Product Marketing Manager, both from Environmental Solution Business, Europe.

South Africa is classified as an ‘emerging’ solar power market, along with Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon and Spain. “The global PV industry is booming, and we have an extensive international presence. It is Omron’s experience in designing sensing technology for different sectors that has given it a leading edge in this particular market, including the South African renewable-energy industry,” Denna concludes.

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