Solutions for moving tracked equipment in mining


A busy and productive mine is a complex operation, with people and machines moving around constantly to keep the face active. Productivity improvements have become the top priority for the mining industry. This is a consequence of a steady weakening in commodity prices and the fact that newly explored ore bodies are difficult to exploit and are found in remote locations. This has been compounded by a rash of factors like rising energy costs, increased focus on Health, Safety & Environment compliance, thus pushing the cost of mining the ore. 

Sleipner complete solution for moving tracked equipment

The Sleipner System is used in different kinds of applications, environments, fleets and climates worldwide. The most common industries using the Sleipner System are mining, quarrying and contracting.

Sleipner provides a complete solution for tracked equipment mobilization. The Sleipner E-series are made for relocating your excavators and Sleipner DB-series are specialist in moving drills and bulldozers.

The E-series are designated for excavator transport in weight classes from 23 to 565 tonnes. Commonly excavators need to be relocated almost on daily basis, which requires time and money. With Sleipner E-series you can perform the relocation more efficiently. Sleipner’s patented E-series remarkably increases excavator productivity and at the same time reduces undercarriage wear and tear.

Ease of use

  • It takes only few minutes to back the excavator into the Sleipner units.
  • The excavator drops a “pillow” of backfill into the bed of the truck.
  • The bucket is then placed into the bed of the truck while applying downward pressure and rising the front of the tracks off the ground.
  • The excavator is now ready to be towed to the next destination.


  • All operations are done mechanically with trained truck and excavator operators inside their cabins and in constant radio contact.
  • Maximum transportation speed up to 15 km/h / 10 mph.
  • Transport of the excavator can be interrupted at any time by lowering the tracks which are only about 40 cm / 15 inches off the ground.
  • Automatic parking brakes keep the Sleipner units in place when not in use.

Sleipner DB-series improves on-site mobility of your tracked equipment. Sleipner DB-series offers you fast loading, agile transporting and reliable braking. With DB-series you get more flexibility to your daily production planning. Drills and dozers can be picked-up and delivered right where they are working. Relocation of equipment becomes a routine part of more efficient, more reactive and therefore more productive daily planning. With a tilting bed, small turning radius and high clearance, Sleipner’s patented DB-series allows on-site transit speeds of up to 15-30 km/h.

With Sleipner DB-series utilization, the drills’ undercarriages last 2-3 times longer and the excessive undercarriage wear of bulldozers while traveling on tracks in 3rd gear is diminished. Moreover, the ease of relocation from the pit enables much more maintenance to be performed preventively and in the better conditions found in the workshop, resulting in large reductions in expensive and disruptive breakdowns.

Ease of use


  • The stable design of the DB offers incomparable safety and stability
  • Trailer bed is wider than loaded equipment tracks
  • There is no risk of overturning even if the wheels drop off the road.
  • Railings and stairs ensure safe operator access to the load deck
  • Advanced, proven braking system well integrated with the prime mover provides safe transport in every condition
  • Reversing camera system ensures manoeuvring safety.

It is imperative that the mining industry adopts technologies to improve productivity at a time when it is facing several pressures that are not within its control as these create a competitive advantage, enabling cost-effective production as well as enabling higher safety standards at work. Looking for productivity increase and cost savings, combined with better mobility? Sleipner System solves all of these challenges in the mining industry.


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