Soaring to New Heights: Starlite Aviation Group’s Superior Services Aiming to Transform the Mining Industry


In the dynamic realm of air travel, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Starlite Aviation emerges as a beacon of excellence, setting the gold standard in providing superior solutions in a wide range of industries. This is becoming increasingly evident in the mining sector, where, with their commitment to safety, reliability, and innovation, Starlite has become the perfect partner for mining companies seeking unparalleled aerial support.

As the mining industry evolves and faces new challenges, Starlite Aviation continues to explore advanced technologies and methodologies to further enhance the efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability of its operations. The company is solution-driven and focuses on providing mission-ready aircraft for multi-task configurations.

Starlite Aviation is a key component of SAF Aerogroup, a prominent Eurafrican aviation conglomerate comprising a variety of subsidiaries, each maintaining their focused skill set. Specialising in operations across Africa, Starlite offers a comprehensive range of helicopter, fixed wing, and drone services on a global scale.  With offices in Ireland, Mauritius, and South Africa, Starlite have operated in over thirty-five countries, on five continents, and in some of the harshest environments across the globe. Having amassed an impressive portfolio over the past two and half decades, Starlite is a trusted long-term partner to corporate, commercial, military, and humanitarian customers, and provides a complete service that incorporates operations, charters, medical services, maintenance, pilot training, and aircraft sales.

Successful contracts have included passenger and cargo transport, aviation support for mining, offshore operations for oil, gas and scientific research, underslung and winching, fast rope and longlining, pipeline patrol and observation, search and rescue, humanitarian support, wildlife capture and maintenance, firefighting, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as Night Vision Systems.

Starlite’s primary focus is facilitating efficient and secure transportation of passengers and cargo to remote locations, and ensuring round-the-clock availability every day of the year. Additional services include air and ground crew, on-site maintenance and logistics, resource coordination, and site access management. An unwavering dedication to eliminating time constraints and providing cost-effective project management means that clients benefit from first-hand support from senior management and the backing of proven Original Equipment Manufacturers.

With integrated aeromedical evacuation services as a fundamental component of their operations, and a focus on maintaining compliance with Air Operating Certificates and utilising aircraft specifically approved for medical operations, Starlite is able to provide clients with a comprehensive and seamless solution for aeromedical support. The in-house aviation, medical, and maintenance departments work in unison to ensure that clients receive comprehensive support across flight operations, medical operations, and maintenance. This unique approach is particularly advantageous for the mining industry, as it streamlines communication and eliminates the need for multiple contractors. With Starlite, you can trust that everything is efficiently managed through a single point of entry, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Starlite’s high standards have ensured the development of operating procedures which far exceed the required regulatory standards by aligning with the most stringent standards within the industry. Starlite has achieved Gold Member status for the last seven years, successfully passing the Basic Aviation Risk Standards audits which conform to international Oil and Gas and United Nations Aviation Standards. Starlite was also awarded European Aero Medical Institute (EURAMI) accreditation, with the objective of focusing on improving quality, excellence, and safety in aeromedical transportation. Starlite has an impeccable safety record and a just culture through diligent adherence to a proactive Safety Management System.

One of Starlite’s key strengths lies in its ability to tailor aviation solutions to meet contract-specific needs. Whether transporting personnel to remote mining sites, delivering critical equipment and supplies, or conducting aerial surveys for geological exploration, with a versatile fleet of helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and drones, Starlite is adept at handling diverse challenges.

As the global demand for minerals continues to rise, the mining industry faces increasing pressure to optimize operations, minimize downtime, and enhance overall productivity. In this demanding landscape, the role of aviation services cannot be overstated, and Starlite Aviation has proved to be an incomparable ally, facilitating mining operations from exploration to extraction.


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