Small footprint, high power: Kubota KX080-3S comes to SA


Smith Power Equipment (SPE), South African importers and distributors of leading global specialist machinery, turf maintenance equipment and off-road vehicles, recently announced the arrival of the Kubota KX080-3S Super Series 8-ton excavator. 

 Ideal for tough construction projects that require high power and performance in confined spaces, the KX080-3S can do just about anything that larger conventional machines can do. Tom Bloom, SPE General Manager: Construction Equipment, remarks, “With its compact size, the KX080-3S can achieve a high level of industrial performance on space-restricted construction sites, making it a unique proposition for local contractors needing substantial power on space-restrained urban sites.”

Innovation at Kubota

Kubota has been involved in the compact excavator industry for nearly four decades, leading the sector with its technological innovations, of which the integration of the zero boom and tail swing in the mini excavators – and now the ‘tight tail swing’ of the bigger KX080-3S – are examples.  Other such innovations which built on the bright future of compact construction machinery include the advanced features of auto idle system and Kubota’s revolutionary 3-pump hydraulic system, both of which feature in the KX080-3S.

The KX080-3S boasts a tight tail swing and due to its tight tail design and shorter rear overhang, the machine has improved stability, is equipped to handle a wider range of loads and can function comfortably in far more restricted spaces than traditional tail swing excavators can.

The innovative auto idle system on the KX080-3S helps saves up to 10% on fuel, prompting the engine to idle automatically when it senses the control levers in neutral for longer than four seconds. The engine immediately re-engages if the control levers are moved. The auto idle feature aids in noise reduction, exhaust emissions and overall operating costs.

The KX080-3S’ 3-pump hydraulic system is a load-sensing system that makes use of three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation. The high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps of the system enable high performance shoveling and loading.

KX080-3S features

 Several other unique features of the Kubota KX080-3S excavator set it apart from its competitors, including stability, range, oil flow control, its electric fuel refilling pump, auto-shift and boom lowering prevention.

In terms of stability, the KX080-3S combines smooth hydraulic system performance with balance for optimal stability and, together with its extended dumping height, swing boom, large bucket capacity and deep digging ability; it can easily match or exceed the range of the latest high capacity dumpers, tippers in meeting construction site requirements. The machine’s unique function of oil flow control enables the user to control the oil flow in line with the requirements, including those of the specific attachments in use.

Furthermore, the electric fuel refilling pump, which comes standard with the machine, includes a hose long enough to refuel the machine in three minutes from a fuel tank at the push of a button. When working with heavy loads, making turns or backfilling trenches, the auto-shift function allows the system to automatically downshift for more torque, and fitted with Kubota’s unique anti-drop valve, accidental lowering of the boom is prevented.

 Power and safety

The KX080-3S’ energy and power source is none other than the clean-running 70 horsepower (52.2 kW) Kubota diesel engine with a 3331 cubic capacity turbo direct-injection facility making for easy starting in the cold, low sound levels and good fuel economy. The engine is in compliance with Tier IV emissions regulations without any loss of power or diminishing ease of operation.

Kubota has a solid reputation for safety and comfort, underpinned by the belief that an operator that is both safe and comfortable is not only an ethical imperative, but is also vital for optimal productivity and, according to Bloom, “The design of the operator environment on the KX080-3S is unsurpassed.”

Important features of the KX080-3S environment are: a spacious cabin offering excellent visibility, minimising operator stress and fatigue; a deluxe high-back suspension seat for greater comfort and productivity; an easy-open front window that opens with through a gas-assisted mechanism; a fully compliant ROPS and FOPS cabin; and an air-conditioner and heater, ensuring optimal climate control and increased productivity (fresh outside air can easily be introduced into the cabin by activating the external air vent.


According to Bloom, serviceability is a critical aspect of any good machine and the triple-opening bonnet is one of the KX080-3S’ strongest features. “Maintaining this machine could not be easier, as all three of its access panels can open simultaneously,” he notes, adding, “This feature makes for easy inspection and access to the hydraulic components under the centre hood or the battery, oil filter and tool box under the right hood.”

SPE offers world-class support on the machine and with its countrywide representation through dealers and service facilities, the best possible service is ensured at all times.

 “With a good understanding of our market, we know that uptime and productivity are the most important concerns for our customers,” says Bloom, concluding, “Knowing this, we bring the Kubota KX080-3S to the South African market with confidence underpinned by the machine’s operational features, serviceability and the assurance that comes with supplying a brand like Kubota.”

About Smith Power Equipment

Smith Power Equipment (SPE), a division of Smith Mining Equipment (Pty) Ltd.,is an importation and distribution company representing leading global brands in the specialist machinery, turf maintenance and off-road vehicle market.

Distributed throughout South Africa by a comprehensive dealer network, these products come with full after sales service and support. Parts are provided for all SPE-distributed products.

Smith Power Equipment contact:
Tom Bloom,General Manager: Kubota Construction Equipment
Tel: 011 284 2000,Cell: +27 82 330 0805


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