SKF South Africa equips Authorised Distributors, customers and end-users with grease knowledge

SKF LGNL 2 industrial bearing grease ideal for conveyors mills crushers

SKF South Africa decided to take a fresh approach to the introduction of its new LGNL 2 industrial bearing grease to the market. The bearing and rotating technology specialist launched the product to its Authorised Distributors, customers and end-users during an interactive online session.

“We invited three colleagues from the Netherlands who are the actual developers of the grease to do a presentation on the network during the one-hour session hosted on 21 August 2023,” explains Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager – MaPro.

The fact that the 37 participating SKF Authorised Distributors, customers and end-users had the unique opportunity to pose questions directly to the LGNL 2 developers added tremendous value to the online dialogue. “Our colleagues explained the advantages offered by LGNL 2 and how this mineral oil-based, anhydrous calcium soap-thickened industrial bearing grease meets current market needs. In addition to obtaining invaluable product information, the participants also gained a better understanding of which industries would present the best target markets for this new product.”

LGNL 2 offers the best of both by smartly combining the superior water resistance and mechanical stability of lithium greases with the economic advantages of a calcium-based thickener. Presenting excellent corrosion- and wear-protection, the grease is highly suited for high load and vibration applications. Due to its unique and multi-faceted properties, this wide-applications grease is also an effective alternative for extreme pressure lithium-based greases.

The environmentally-friendly and efficient LGNL 2 also offers a host of sustainability benefits including reduced material consumption and emissions during use, lower direct energy consumption, extended service life and increased machine and operator safety.

The participants expressed an interest in seeing the range of applications and equipment, such as conveyors, mills, crushers and agricultural machines, where LGNL 2 can be used. They also welcomed SKF’s entry into the market with this competitively-priced grease. “We have demonstrated how we, as industry leaders, put cost savings out into the market for our Authorised Distributors, customers and end-users for their ultimate benefit,” affirms Martens.

Martens points out that SKF, in collaboration with the developers of the LGNL 2 grease, is able to set up field testing via their end-users. “This highlights SKF’s willingness to go out into the field and prove our products in live situations.”

“Our objectives with hosting the interactive session were to listen to the participants’ needs and to give them the opportunity to voice any concerns,” notes Martens. “We were able to address their request for a more flexible packaging solution to our current 400g, 18kg and 180kg container offerings. We are in the process of gathering information on other preferred container sizes and a 5kg option is on the cards, depending on demand.”

Martens wraps up: “Since the highly productive and informative online launch, we have also been successfully promoting the grease on a one-on-one basis. We are extremely encouraged by the positive feedback we are receiving from the market and we are confident that LGNL 2 will be the industrial bearing grease of choice,” concludes Martens.


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