SKF Maintenance Products proudly celebrates 50 years of innovation, growth and success

LGGB 2 biodegradable low toxicity grease_SKF Maintenance Products

It is with extreme pride that SKF Maintenance Products celebrates its 50th anniversary! What initially started as a small business unit with a portfolio that focused on bearing tools and greases is now key in the organisation’s unique bearing proposition.

Founded in 1973 under the name SKF Norma B.V., with a small team of around ten people, the unit’s strategy was centred on excellent stock, service and subcontracting all products (the KISS approach). The very first slogan was ‘SKF maintenance products for well-fitted bearings’. In 1986, SKF Norma B.V. took on its own identity, becoming known as SKF Maintenance Products with black and orange branding. ​​​​​​​

The business unit went on to rapidly expanding its portfolio of some 100 product references to more than 1600 current references in hydraulic and mechanical bearing tools, heaters, lubricants, lubricators, manual lubrication tools, instruments, basic condition monitoring and alignment tools.

Over the past five decades, SKF Maintenance Products has kept up with the latest technological trends and advancements. Continued innovation and evolution has earned the unit an enviable reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service and a loyal customer base that spans the globe.

Raimond Breuker, MPT’s Business Director, expressed his gratitude and pride at reaching this milestone. “I am proud and feel honored to lead this organization, being able to contribute to its continued success. The SKF maintenance products offering has an excellent fit to the SKF expertise in rotating equipment, product solutions and service capabilities.  As such we enable our customer to improve their machine performance by reducing down-time, reduce maintenance cost and maximize machine performance. I would like to thank our customers and partners in South-Africa for their trust in us, and I am looking forward for a successful future”.

As it celebrates this 50th anniversary milestone, SKF Maintenance Products acknowledges the countless people who have been a part of its success journey. From the founders to the employees, suppliers and customers – each one has played an essential role in shaping its history.

The founders started the company with an entrepreneurial mind-set. Their vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the company’s culture, values and growth strategy.


The employees, who are the backbone of SKF Maintenance Product’s success, have consistently excelled over the years. Their hard work, dedication and commitment to the business have been critical in delivering the best products and services to customers.


The support from suppliers, who work closely with the unit to provide top notch products, has been critical in maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability that customers have come to expect.

And last, but most importantly, the customers who have trusted SKF Maintenance Products and its product and service portfolio for five decades. They are the reason for the unit’s existence; their loyalty and support have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation and the SKF Maintenance Products teams will continue to strive for excellence in serving them.

SKF Maintenance Products extends a heartfelt thanks to each and every person who has been a part of its journey.

Looking ahead, the business unit pledges commitment to continuing the journey of growth, innovation and excellence. With a strong foundation, a talented workforce and a loyal customer base, the SKF Maintenance Products teams are ready to take on future challenges with confidence and continue the legacy of success.


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