SKF couples power transmission with training to deliver an integrated solution

SKF disc coupling plus training delivers integrated customer solution

The successful collaboration between SKF Power Transmission Components and SKF Training Solutions has resulted in the delivery of an integrated, fully customised customer solution.

The customer, who is a leading fan manufacturer specialising in mining ventilation, needed a customised disc coupling for a large fan and reached out to SKF for assistance.

Micaela Willers, SKF Product Manager: Power Transmission, explains that the project presented the team with several challenges. “In addition to the coupling requiring a non-standard tolerance, the customer also asked for a plug-and-play solution as the unit will be exported for fitting on to a 2.0m diameter fan that operates in a secluded mine.”

The SKF Power Transmission Components team specified the correct disc coupling and presented the technical capabilities and expertise required to develop a customised solution to meet this specific application. SKF secured the order and due to the coupling’s excellent quality-price competitive value, the customer decided to purchase a second coupling.

Coupling installation is scheduled for November 2023. “As this particular coupling is extremely rare in the market, we wanted to add further value for our customer,” continues Micaela. SKF Training Solutions stepped in, offering Precision Shaft Alignment training to help up-skill their artisans and service agents, they are able to install their couplings correctly.”

The customer is further looking to invest in Dynamic Balancing training and is also very keen on buying SKF’s quality Mapro products that were demonstrated during the training courses.

“This projected presented us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase SKF’s integrated solutions. A power transmission order lead to a training opportunity which generated a MAPRO enquiry, ultimately resulting in the original order quadrupling in value in only three months!” concludes Micaela.


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