Self-contained foam mist system may minimise potential loss of life


Mining operations require a rapid response in the event of any fire emergency on-site to minimise potential damage and loss of life.

For this reason, I-CAT Fire Solutions has developed the Blaze Buster, a rapid-response, self-contained foam mist system.

Lourens Jansen van Rensburg, Business Development and Marketing Director, I-CAT commented and said, “The system has a large cannon with a discharge range of about 40 m, in addition to a retractable mist hose reel. This is fitted with an additional gun that can be used in conjunction with the cannon, thus enabling two firefighters to fight a fire simultaneously, increasing the effectiveness of the system dramatically.”

The Blaze Buster consists of four 230 litre self-contained and premixed foam cylinders. A total of 600 litres of water available with a continuous foam discharge duration of up to 3 minutes means its capacity is comparable to that of 3 commercial 8500 litre fire engines.

“The main advantage of the system is that no diesel engine, pumps, or any external water supply is required,”  explained Jansen van Rensburg.

“Another major benefit is that the foam unit does not require any start-up time, which means it is primed and ready for immediate deployment. At just under a tonne, the system is lightweight and therefore highly portable.”

The Blaze Buster can be reinstated on-site rapidly by simply refilling the cylinders with the necessary quantity of water, using the measuring equipment that is included, and adding a 1% foam additive, also included. It is then repressurised within minutes with nitrogen.


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