Safety coupling SKB


The modern, innovative mechanical engineering aims at reducing external dimensions and higher performance potential of the building components. Increasingly compact drive elements with maximum power density are required. But the safety aspect, such as collision protection in the event of a machine crash, is also becoming increasingly important due to increasing automation and dynamization.

 With the SKB type, JAKOB Antriebstechnik has a safety coupling generation for overload limitation or collision protection for indirect drives in its range that meets these requirements. The high user benefit of the SKB series consists of the interaction of various details. These include high release torques, a compact design, simple assembly using a clamping ring hub, high concentricity and bearing loads, and easy adjustment of the release torque.

Very high release torques can be achieved by using high-strength tempered steel with surface layer hardening or plasma coating of the functional surfaces. The particularly robust ball cage is of great importance in the case of “release impacts” at high speeds, the grease-lubricated release mechanism is additionally protected against heavy soiling or washing out by a labyrinth seal. Furthermore, the SKB series is equipped with clamping ring hubs, which allow significantly larger bore and shaft diameters than conical hubs.

Various possible combinations

If required, the SKB safety coupling can be expanded with metal bellows or elastomer coupling attachments. JAKOB offers a large selection of hub designs and compensating elements in various sizes. A sophisticated modular system enables production in cost-effective lot sizes and short delivery times.


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