Reducing costs and gaining transparency


Calibration management increases plant availability

Benefits at a glance

Mobile flow rigs enable to calibrate flowmeters on site and thus increase the instrumentation’s availability.

Thanks to a result-based calibration contract with Endress+Hauser and the simplification of the operation, this major biotechnology plant has significantly reduced overall effort and calibration costs. The calibration time has also decreased, with positive impact on the plant’s process availability.

The challenge :The site is composed of several business units. Due to their independent operation and separate resources, the internal management of the calibration of the more than 1,000 devices used on site was not optimized: lack of cost control, of monitoring of suppliers’ presence, of optimisation of the internal resources, several standards used throughout the site, etc.

Our solution: Endress+Hauser took the responsibility to manage and execute the whole calibration process of most of the devices operating on site. In the scope of a result-based contract we set up and are now operating:

Improvements thanks to result based contract f or calibration management by Endress+ Hauser –Calibration of all instruments in the installed base

Improvements thanks to result-based contract for calibration management by Endress+Hauser

Optimised calibration work – higher process availability

Simplifying operation and securing process quality The customer has entrusted us with the management of calibration operations and the actual execution of calibration activities according to a result-based contract. All internal work was shifted to Endress+Hauser. We implemented KPIs to provide full transparency to the management of the performed actions, to monitor non conformities and to define a corrective action preventive action (CAPA) plan, thus allowing continuous improvement of operations, in accordance with the GMPS. The KPIs are periodically updated during meetings involving both parties’ experts.

Expertise close at hand:One of the customer’s objectives was to have resources at hand for technical support. With the presence of the dedicated team from Endress+Hauser, full-time on site, the internal resource permanently benefit from experienced and skilled staff. The technical support covers not only all calibration aspects – including support in the resolution of non-conformities – but also standardisation (in case of the renewal of a device) and obsolesce (via a recapitalisation plan).

Complex and sensitive project Smooth operation required Endress+Hauser to work in an integrated manner as well as according to the customer´s intern processes and quality management systems. All that in a right-the-first time approach!


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