Red Rock Resources seeks mining licence for Mikei gold project in Kenya

Red Rock Resources seeks mining licence for Mikei gold project in Kenya

Red Rock Resources PLC (AIM:RRR) is seeking a mining licence for its exploration programmes at the Mikei gold project in Kenya.

The firm while providing an on its exploration programmes said It has completed 1744 metres of drilling at the KKM Central prospect in the Western Licence, where a 2,000-metre infill and extension drilling programme is in progress, and said the first batch of samples have been sent to a laboratory in Tanzania for testing.

Impact assessments

The company said environmental impact assessments have started on the next set of infill drill targets, including a new target at Konguru in the Western Licence, with the fieldwork expected to be completed by Christmas.

“We are identifying and progressing a number of new or underexplored targets as well as working to expand the existing resource envelope and identify areas of higher grade within it or nearby. Previous diamond drilling at Konguru has been too widely spaced to allow a resource calculation, and our planned drilling there is a priority,” said chairman Andrew Bell.

It has also undertaken further tests using ground geophysics on three prospective drilling targets in the Eastern Licence.

“The progress made since we were able to come back to the project a year ago has been significant,” said Bell. “We have great confidence in the potential and prospects of the Mikei gold project, and will look for ways to accelerate its progress in 2022.”


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