Red Rock acquires two projects in Burkina Faso

Red Rock acquires two projects in Burkina Faso

Red Rock Resources, a natural resource development company has acquired two prospective exploration projects in the prolific Boromo and Banfora greenstone belts of Burkina Faso.

The two projects are in a major gold-producing region with existing mines and deposits. Reverse circulation drilling at Bilbale encountered good gold intersections. The assets are now held by Faso Greenstone Resources (FGR), a wholly owned subsidiary of Faso Minerals, which is wholly owned by Red Rock.

There are important north and northeast trending faults and shears passing through Bilbale and north-south structures passing through Boulon, Red Rock says. Gold and arsenic anomalies have been picked up by geochemistry.

Wealth of targets

“The acquisition of Boulon and subsequently of the rights to 80% of Bilbale represents a great step forward for our activities in the underexplored and highly prospective Burkina Faso sections of the West African Greenstones. Both licenses we believe to be of high quality, and Bilbale already looks an exceptional opportunity on every metric used in our screening, with a good prospect for discoveries. Boulon also has good targets and a lot of artisanal activity. Geochemistry at Boulon was too wide-spaced to pick up more than isolated anomalous readings which have not been followed up,” chairperson Andrew Bell says.

He adds that owing to the wealth of targets, the company has chosen to focus on the areas of the country offering the greatest long-term security, down in the south-west and away from the Mali and Niger borders. The licences are situated in the south-west of Burkina Faso in the Boromo and Banfora belts.


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