Proximity detection and collision avoidance system for the mining sector


Mining companies should meet a target production rate while complying with safety regulations for Mining and Mineral Processing.

Collisions between vehicles or a vehicle and a person involve financial losses and can undermine a company’s prestige and reputation.

How can the RealTrac 3.0 local positioning system increase traffic safety and reduce risks of collisions?

The solution developed by the RTL Service Group provides positioning of personnel, vehicles and other equipment within the mining company’s premises.

It helps to detect cases of dangerous proximity to vehicles if they are equipped with the RealTrac 3.0 system. The system has a special vehicle tag that measures the distance to other tags.

The RealTrac 3.0 system uses proprietary algorithms and technology that identifies dangerous proximities – and is called Proximity Detection System or PDS.

A vehicle tag generates 2 zones, the attention zone and the danger zone.

Attention zone — the system will automatically generate a warning if another tag enters this zone. The vehicle driver will receive this warning and the intruder of the attention zone will also receive a warning on a personal or a vehicle tag.

It will make both sides understand with the help of audiovisual signals that they need to be more alert to prevent possible collisions.

Danger zone — the system will automatically activate the siren and the flicker implemented on a vehicle if another tag enters this zone.

It is a wake-up call for drivers and workers that a dangerous proximity has been detected and necessary actions should be immediately taken in order to avoid collision or to stop a vehicle.

The size of each zone is configured in software and can be easily changed depending on a size of a vehicle or a maximum speed limit applied to this type of a vehicle within the premises of a mining company.

Functional option of detecting dangerous proximities and notification system increase the attention and alertness of personnel in mines and open pits and significantly reduce the number of collisions, which, in its turn, improves general safety of the industry and reduces financial risks and losses of the company.


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