Process monitoring made easy with the new Liquiline CM44P


expands its successful Liquiline platform. The new r offers multichannel and multiparameter functionality for process photometers and Memosens sensors. Processes such as chromatography, fermentation and phase separation now have the ease of use and simplified maintenance of the Liquiline platform and Memosens technology.

Monitoring process quality was never this easy
Processes such as chromatography, fermentation, filtration or phase separation require monitoring of multiple parameters. Liquiline CM44P measures 16 different parameters by taking inputs from up to two process photometers and four Memosens sensors simultaneously. Plant managers can obtain all quality control-related parameters from one transmitter and increase profits with reduced installation time and lower equipment costs.

Full flexibility and seamless integration
Liquiline CM44P offers multiple I/O options and plug and play functionality for Memosens sensors leading to perfect adaptability to a wide range of applications. It also speaks common communication protocols such as HART, PROFIBUS, Modbus and EtherNet/IP which means it can be seamlessly integrated into distributed control systems.

User-friendly and convenient
Standardisation on a single transmitter platform such as Liquiline brings the benefit that all devices operate in the same way, reducing potential operating errors. An optional web server allows operators to remotely access the transmitter. Using any web browser, measurement values or diagnostic messages can be viewed or the device configuration can be changed. All diagnostic messages are reported according to NE107 categories, leading to additional process safety.

Cost-effective but safe
Process photometers allow precise and reproducible in-line measurement of absorption and turbidity. They replace manual sampling and laboratory measurement, avoiding product contamination during sampling. Their real-time optical measuring principle eliminates the need for reagents and supports plant managers in optimising their process control.

Perfect sensor combinations
Liquiline CM44P is the first transmitter to offer the possibility of combining process photometers and Memosens sensors in one transmitter, resulting in the perfect combination for many applications.

Chromatography: The combination of an OUSAF44 UV process photometer with pH and conductivity measurement ensures accurate detection of the target product and verifies that the buffer quality in the column is correct, leading to an optimum product yield. Furthermore, the transition from product to cleaning phase is accurately detected, allowing optimisation of cleaning and flushing cycles in the column.

Fermentation: The combination of an OUSBT66 process photometer with pH and dissolved oxygen measurement helps to achieve optimal growth conditions for microorganisms. Cell growth measurement with OUSBT66 also indicates when the fermentation has reached the appropriate process phase for optimal product yield.

Filtration: The combination of an OUSTF10 process photometer with dissolved oxygen measurement provides an accurate overview of the filtration process. Turbidity measurement with the OUSTF10 indicates product purity while dissolved oxygen measurement indicates if oxygen has penetrated the processes which could have an adverse effect on product quality.

Filling: The combination of an OUSAF22 process photometer with conductivity measurement optimises the filling process. Colour measurement with OUSAF22 detects the spectrum of colour e.g. of different beers and, in conjunction with conductivity measurement, helps to make an accurate distinction between formulations of beverages reducing filling errors to a minimum.

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